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If you intend to embark on a career in information technology, your first step should be to pass the A+ Certification Test. It is a basic test to prove that you have sufficient skills for an entry-level computer technician job.

You may have already seen samples of the A+ Certification practice test. But, there may be things that you still need to clarify. Here are some basic bits of information about the exam that you need to know.

What the A+ Certification Is All About

The A+ Certification examination is intended to test the competency of aspiring computer technicians in entry-level positions. There are no requirements or pre-requisites to take the test. The tests are purely theoretical, with no practical elements. The tests likewise get regular upgrades to keep abreast with the changing times.

How the Exam Works

To get the certification, you need to pass tow tests: the A+ Essentials plus an elective. You can choose an elective based on the direction you want your IT career to take. You can choose from the following:

  • IT Technician – This is the type of technician with frequent customer interaction.
  • Remote Support Technician – This is for aspiring Help Desk specialists.
  • Depot Technician – This is the job for you if you want minimal interaction with customers.

How the A+ Certification Can Help in Your Job

A lot of employers prefer hiring applicants who are certified. This is because the certification is proof of the candidate’s interest in the field. You can also use the certification to gain higher qualifications you want to achieve.

It does not guarantee that you will get the job you are applying for, especially for positions that require substantial hands-on experience. To gain more experience, you need to start with an entry-level IT job, volunteer to do computer-related tasks, or do internships. These are also great ways to reinforce your theoretical knowledge with experience.

These are some basic information about the A+ Certification exam that you should know if you want to embark on an IT career.

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