DAS or Distributed Antenna System is a structure used by owners of commercial buildings to increase the coverage of their signal in mobile and Wi-Fi. Today, there are a lot of commercial infrastructures which are too big. Examples are malls, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, and airports. Because of their size, there are some parts of these places that have a weak signal. Usually, basements and some enclosed areas have this.

Since35.13% of people have smartphones, they need to be at a place where they can be connected at all times. There are also more than 8.97 billion connections around the world. This 2019, 5.13 billion people have mobile gadgets. What do you need to know about DAS?

When to get DAS

One of the reasons a company gets Distributed Antenna System is because of the low coverage in their area. Buildings that market their services also need better service to offer; thus, DAS is their best option. Keeping a high rate and review from customers is essential for them. They can increase their value and cost if they can provide excellent quality of services. People nowadays are working all the time. They use their mobile phones to access their email and messages. They need to be in a place which can provide excellent connectivity with both Wi-Fi and phone reception.

Causes of Poor Connection

A blockage in the area often causes low connectivity. Walls, construction materials, and large machines are commonly the hindrance to good working coverage. Another cause is the gap of the cellular base station from the point of the location. If it is too far, it may be harder to connect to the main cellular site. The building’s location and weather condition also affect the signal. Buildings on islands, mountains, and forests may cause a poor connection. Sometimes, when there is a thunderstorm, cellular phones may not get the appropriate signal they need.


Satellite earth station

When considering and planning to invest in this system, make sure to hire skilled professionals to set up the connections. They will need to analyze the building plan or blueprint to study how it can be best situated. They will also present the price for the installation.


Find a DAS provider that offers good system support to their clients. A technical support team is always ready for any problems or issues in the connection. They can also answer questions and inquiries. In the case of big events, a client may ask for a team who can help during these big occasions. The support team may give extra wires and to increase the connection of the place. There are 24 hours available for customer service help.

The solution to an unsteady signal is the use of DAS. It will place a wireless connection to the parts of a building to increase the reliability of the network. This will increase the worth of infrastructure, and more clients or people may enjoy staying at this place.

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