People visit the dentist in Mackay for all sorts of reasons. Some are there for bi-annual check-ups, some for a deep clean, others for cosmetic treatments or dental implants. One reason that people come is to find out what they can do about their sensitive teeth. This is a pretty common problem. About one in eight adults suffer with sensitive teeth.

Because pain from sensitive teeth often comes and goes, people often try to live with it, but going to see a dentist in Mackay, such as Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, could make a big difference, even get rid of the problem. Even people who have been living with sensitive teeth for years can seek help and may find that their problem can be successfully treated, and that, at last, it goes away.

The causes of sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is a symptom of another issue, so the dentist in Mackay needs to find out what the underlying problem is that is causing this pain that comes and goes. What is going on is that the enamel over the teeth has been compromised in some way and the dentin beneath it is now exposed. Dentin contains tiny tubes that run down to the nerves in the tooth pulp in the core of the tooth. With little or no protective enamel, the nerves get the full force of sensations such as cold or hot and they send pain signals to the brain

Common causes of sensitive teeth include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Eating and drinking things that cause erosion
  • Too much, or the wrong techniques for, tooth brushing
  • Tooth grinding
  • Sensitivity after treatments such as whitening.

How can the dentist in Mackay help?

dentist doing dental procedure to patientThe dentist can take several different approaches to treating sensitive teeth. Cosmetic bonding can cover over areas where enamel is compromised. The enamel can be hardened with remineralising treatments. There are also products to desensitise the teeth. The patient may also need to learn new brushing techniques to protect the enamel.

It’s tempting not to bother getting sensitive teeth checked out, but it’s important to get the cause of the sensitivity treated as well as the sensitivity itself. Otherwise, it will keep coming back.

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