A wedding day should be a day of bliss. The bride and groom want their special day to be perfect. But that’s not easy to achieve without the help of some friends and family. Planning a wedding is stressful, but you can help the couple plan their perfect day. Here’s how.

Host Pre-wedding Parties

 If you want to do something nice for your friends, why not take care of their pre-wedding parties? This is a good way to take some errands off their shoulders. You can gather all your closest friends and families to enjoy time with the couple. This is also a chance to have a “practice” for the wedding.

Become the Bride or Groom’s Personal Assistant

 Go shopping with your friends to help out. If you’re the bride’s friend, join her when she chooses her wedding gown. Take her on a shopping spree for her honeymoon attire. You can also run errands like creating a group chat with the bride and the bridesmaids. This is a great way to share information like matching looks for everyone.  Traditional weddings have “something new, something old” that brides should wear. Help your friend choose what to bring for this practice.

You can also take charge when talking to the wedding catering in your Malibu, Ca location. You can also discuss sitting arrangements with them. The bride and the groom will appreciate some extra hands to oversee the preparations. Let them know that you’re there to help them in any way.

Be a Pacifier

 Most brides become stressful when preparing for their weddings. Even grooms can be different during this time. This is when misunderstandings happen. You can stay cool-headed and be the person everyone can turn to. Be there for them, especially for the bride when things are heating up.
bride talking to her wedding planner

The Next Wedding Planner

 You can suggest themes for the wedding if they’re running out of ideas. There are internet platforms where you can research about different wedding ideas. You can show these to the couple so they can tell their wedding planner the ones they like.

Suggest Honeymoon Destinations

 Their honeymoon is the perfect time to get away from everything. Before they do that, suggest some nice locations they might want. Consider the preferences of each friend before you look for wonderful honeymoon spots.

Be There For Them but Don’t Overstep Boundaries

 Your friends are thankful for your help. But, there are things that they want to do by themselves. Respect these things. Know when to include yourself but don’t be too sensitive. Some things will always be just about them. For example, they should be the ones to choose the cake. You can suggest a flavor but it’s still their decision. Just remind them that they can call you when they need you.

Take Your Friend Out for Dinner

 It’s most likely that one of them is your best friend. For this reason, take that friend out for dinner before their wedding day. Things change after a person gets married. They’re building a new life and want to have children. They may not be as available as before. So, make the most of it now while you still can.

The Wedding Day

 It feels nice to help out, isn’t it? Helping your friends in any way you can is a noble act. Do this without expecting anything in return. Wish them a happy life and congratulate yourself for being that helpful friend.

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