Singapore city skylineYour vacation days are drawing close, and you cannot stop dreaming of all those stunning Singapore beaches and resorts you heard from a friend. Now, they are asking you to tag along on their next visit.

If this will be your first time to travel to a foreign destination, then you are probably wondering what you can do to make the experience as blissful as possible. Here are some tips that may come in handy:

Work on the itinerary

While your friend has more knowledge of Singapore than you do, that does not mean you should leave the entire planning to them. Your itinerary should be according to everyone’s interest, so be sure to take part in organising it.

If some of you want to visit the beach while the others want to ride attractions, then make Sentosa your first destination and work on an ideal schedule. You can visit Universal Studios Singapore the moment it opens and stay there until early afternoon, then head to the beach in the late afternoon as the crowd lessens. If you want a drink, Tanjong Beach Club throws epic beach parties during the weekend.

Pack the right luggage

Avoid bringing a big suitcase. Bring it only if you need to pack a sporting gear or some other bulky item. Otherwise, just carry a travel backpack and pack light. Singapore is a hot and humid country, so it is best to pack clothes with breathable fabric. Consider bringing a jacket too in case it rains.

Sort out the accommodation

Accommodation plays a big role in every traveller’s experience. If you want to save money, then stay away from pricey neighbourhoods. You could choose a clean, attractive, and secure hostel instead. If it is the high-end experience you are after, then go ahead and splurge. Many hotels in Singapore have amenities you might enjoy, such as a sauna or a fully-equipped gymnasium.

Your first experience travelling to an international destination should be fun and unforgettable. With some careful planning and a dose of insight, you can make yourself have a wonderful time abroad.

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