Confinement food is a growing segment of the food market in Singapore, and more mums depend on its service providers. According to The Straits Times, confinement meal delivery in Singapore has seen a boom in the last 10 years alone. Today, there are 15 confinement meal providers and that number is still growing.

To the uninitiated, confinement food is a kind of nutritional diet that mothers should consume after giving birth. It’s called “confinement” because mums are usually confined to their homes after giving birth for about one to two months. This is the perfect time to eat what they need rather than what they want, or what they’re used to eating.

This diet aims to help the new mum recover her strength and health quickly, and boost milk production for her baby. Based on the recommendations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), food items that are typically included in the diet are herbs, teas, various kinds of grain and protein sources. The concept behind it is that there are certain foods that can be handpicked to swiftly address the health issues that new mums face.

Cultures that practice confinement food consumption after giving birth agree that mums should take food that warm them rather than cool them, whatever that means precisely. An article on said this diet, depending on your nationality, generally includes fish soup, garlic milk, or a special drink containing dates or berries, and ingredients such as ginger, sesame oil, turmeric, cooking wine, and gourd vegetables, among others.

Below are the benefits of choosing a confinement meal delivery in Singapore when you’re recovering from childbirth:

Eliminate stress from meal planning and doing your groceries

Being a new mum will be a taxing time for you as you nurse and care for your child. It’s a known fact that most new parents don’t get enough sleep as theirs will be disrupted constantly by their baby’s sleep cycle. A confinement meal delivery service will take the burden of cooking and meal planning off your hands so you can rest when you’re baby is asleep, and still eat healthily and not miss a meal.

Regain your pre-baby body with diet-friendly meals

Woman eating her mealTraditional Chinese Medicine recommends certain types of food to aid digestion and circulation for new mums. Each meal on your package is designed to help your body adapt to the physical demands of motherhood, such as breastfeeding while making sure your hormones are in check. The meals are also intended to drive toxins out of your body.

Make your eating routine regular and consistent

The types of meal included in the confinement meal plan are divided into three groups. The first week includes food items that hasten the womb’s healing. The next week includes dishes that regulate bodily functions and circulation, while the last two weeks are focused on repairing and rejuvenating the body further to get the mother in tip-top shape. Each meal is delivered right on schedule so that you can reap the maximum benefits of the diet.

Enlisting companies that offer confinement meal delivery in Singapore is a surefire way to save time and money in meal planning and preparation and to speed up your recovery while you’re on parental leave. Consider hiring one to be your partner as you eat your way back to the pink of health.

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