The invention of power tools has given much convenience in the modern world. These technological marvels reduced the physical toll needed to perform tasks, such as simple carpentry and electronics. Today, even those who are physically challenged, such as the elderly, can perform tasks on their own, thanks to power tools.

These technological wonders are efficient since they use electricity and automated operation, but they can also be more hazardous to the user. Here are the essential precautions that you must observe when using power tools.

Power Tools Must be Kept in Good Working Condition

Power tools may require maintenance just like their older manual counterparts. Cleanliness and adhering to proper usage guidelines should still be emphasized. For power tools, it is not just the efficiency that can be affected by poor maintenance, but also safety. Users should consult the manual to ensure the proper way of lubricating and replacing accessories.

The directions in the manual should be followed to the letter, as some parts are sensitive since they are automated and use electricity. One such example is the power cord, which should always be disconnected from the power source as the tool could be switched on accidentally.

Any power cord or hose should be kept away from sharp objects, heat, and oil. It should be handled with care and the common instruction is that the tool should not be held by the cord or hose when in transit.

Wear Proper Protective Gear and Observe Safety Precautions

safety gear

The OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) has prescribed the proper working gear when handling tools under certain conditions. These are the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

The type of protective gear required depends on the working conditions and type of power tools that will be used for the task. If you own a shop in the UK or you’re working in one, there should be enough warning signs and fire safety signs to avoid accidents.

Operate the Power Tools as Prescribed by the Manual

Power tools are intrinsically more complicated than simple ones. They have different levels of performance and since the motion and strength are not dependent on the physical force exerted, there is a possibility that the user may lose control of the tools.

The manual is not just for the maintenance and efficiency of the power tools but also for the safety of the user. It also shows the power tools’ proper function and usage. There are instances when users are confused about which power tool to use for a particular task. Using a nail gun as a screw extractor is just an example.

Ensure Proper Storage and Disposal

As in the case of simple tools, power tools should be stored and disposed of properly. They should not be left lying around in areas where someone can trip over them. Damaged or faulty power tools should be disposed of with proper warning signs to prohibit usage.

Safety is always a priority when handling any type of tools. Follow these guidelines to ensure safe usage or application.

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