Apart from the salary, a company’s facilities and culture dictate its attractiveness to prospective employees, according to a recent paper by design firm Hassell and Empirica Research called “Does Workplace Design Affect Employee Attraction?” The researchers surveyed over 1,000 Australian job seekers online. It found that 45% of the respondents said salary and benefits impact the appeal of an employer the most. This is followed by workplace culture (32.45%), workplace facilities (15.54%), and tech provided (6.99%). The researchers noted that when culture and facilities are combined, they actually surpass pay and benefits.

It’s not enough that you keep your office environment well-maintained. You should also keep its design fresh if you want to attract more employees. Here are 2019’s hottest trends you should definitely try out.

Embracing Technology

It’s the golden age of smart technology as everyday appliances, from bulbs to your reliable coffee maker, are being fitted with chips that connect them to your smartphone and voice assistant speakers. Keep your space secure with smart locks that can be opened through virtual keys your employees have on their phones.

Monitor the office in real time with a smart security camera. You can even schedule temperature changes and let AI decide to regulate temperature depending on when a room is used with a smart thermostat.

Forgot to turn off the lights and switches after you locked up? Use your smartphone to program your smart bulbs and plugs to power down. The small quality-of-life improvements from these smart devices don’t only keep your employees comfortable, but also impress prospective workers.

Installing Greenteriors

Green buildings are popping up everywhere in Australia, like the Council House 2 in Melbourne’s Central Business District, which has gas-powered micro-turbines and 23 solar panels that help the building gain minimum reliance on the power grid. Doubling down on the eco-friendly design, they also made sure that the indoor air quality in the building is filtered and not recycled, with indoor plants further purifying it. The healthier environment that indoor plants bring may also enhance employee productivity and work satisfaction.

Give your office a natural feel with some indoor crawling plants. Decorate corners with spider plants. If your company is still starting out, small and easy-to-maintain potted succulents can brighten up any employee’s day.

More Open than Ever Before

meeting room

You’ve probably heard of the term “free-range” workplace being thrown around for a while now. This is simply eliminating assigned desks for your employees, making them nomads who can settle and work anywhere in the office. This change may require you to transform your office’s layout into a more bare and open one, tearing down walls and hiring stair specialists to build mezzanines to add more surfaces for your employees to explore and rest on. While there aren’t any studies supporting this kind of change just yet, the more liberated design it offers may be the shake-up your office needs.

Your workplace’s design matters to your employees as much as the salary you give them. Get with the times by making your office healthier and more modern with these design trends. While these changes may require major renovations, the possible increase in productivity and overall wellbeing of your workers are just too good to pass up.

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