Apps being shown on mobileEver since their respective introductions in 2008 and 2012, the Apple App Store and Google Play Store have become a vital element in iOS and Android smartphones. People use these mobile phone application marketplaces to get the apps, often of the social media variety, that they need and want to have on their phones.

With over two million apps in each marketplace, it can be a little daunting to choose which ones can actually help you and which ones only eat up space on your device. With that, here are some apps that can add value to your life and can be found on your device’s app store.

Apps that Keep You Hydrated

If you care about yourself, you need to keep hydrated. The body requires water for all its cells and for many other bodily functions. Sometimes, though, you might be too busy to remember that you need to drink at least half a gallon of water every day.

Luckily, Leap Fitness Group developed an Android app called Water Drink Reminder that reminds you to drink enough water. What’s even better is the app can be synced to your Google Fit wearable device. A similar app can be found on the App Store for iOS users.

An App that Helps Make Moving and Packing Easier

No, this app won’t pack your bags and household furniture for you, but it provides you with easy access to people who can. This particular app for packers and movers from Colonial Van Lines enables you to have a virtual inventory of your items, gives you accurate moving quotes, and provides you with a checklist to help you stay on track.

Apps that Let You Fake Conversations

If you’ve ever had to hire your roommate to call you with a fake emergency whenever you’re stuck on a bad date, this type of app is for you. The Fake Call Plus application on the App Store lets you “receive” a call with one press of a button or schedule a fake call at a specified time. With this app, you can excuse yourself and escape any awkward situation.

Meanwhile, if you have a text message you’ve forgotten to reply to, the Fake Text Message app has you covered. This app lets you send an SMS that “failed” so you can blame your phone for any unanswered message.

Apps that Let You Find Certain Establishments

Using a map app on mobileThe advent of Google maps and GPS paved the way for different locator apps. If your train to Italy left you in Paris, you can easily find nearby hotels that suit you on Trip Advisor, all without having to go door-to-door. If you’re on vacation and don’t know where to eat, you can look for options using Yelp or Urbanspoon.

But, did you know you can also find nearby toilets using an app? The Toilocator is an Indian-made app that maps out access to nearby toilets in different countries such as the U.S., U.K., and Australia. This is an especially convenient app when you’re in another country and ate something that didn’t sit right with you.

An App that Will Make You Run for Your Life

No matter how motivated you are to stay fit, sometimes you just don’t have the energy to run as far or as fast as you should. But, let’s say there’s suddenly a zombie outbreak and they’re chasing you on your usual trail. There’s nothing you can do but run.

The fear for your life is what Zombies, Run! capitalizes on. This audio-immersive app turns your boring run into a heart-pumping adventure all while keeping you fit through running.

Now, you don’t need to wade through millions of mobile apps or pass the time scrolling through social media. With these weird and unusual but extremely helpful apps, you can have your life sorted with just one click.

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