Polycarbonate is a lightweight thermoplastic material with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The practical and durable roofing material is often used in deck areas, patios, and conservatories but it may not be ideal for roofing the whole home.

The panels are virtually unbreakable. They offer excellent UV blockage and will be easy to install. The only downside of polycarbonate roofing in the UK is that it is expensive.

The homeowner has to be willing to invest a significant amount if that is the roofing they want, but they can trust the material to last. Note that the roofing material will need to be well cared for to avoid scratching and denting. Polycarbonate sheets will come in the following types:

Textured and solid sheets


Solid sheets will be made using premium quality resins and will have impact strength that is 250 times better than a glass of a similar thickness. Opting for solid polycarbonates guarantees durability. The sheets are often transparent so 90% of light will pass through.

They allow this light to pass while filtering harmful UV radiation. Embossed textured polycarbonates, on the other hand, look like glass that is frost-finished. They can handle extreme chemical, thermal and weather conditions making them useful for more than roofing applications.

The most preferred qualities of textured and solid sheets are durability, storage convenience because they are lightweight, flexibility and ease of installation.

Corrugated sheets

In comparison with solid sheets, these polycarbonates are stronger. They bring to the table a strong performance and excellent resistance to impact. They can also be finished with different methods giving the homeowner versatility.

However, in most cases, corrugated sheets are used for industrial and commercial applications in places such as warehouses. Corrugated sheets are ideal for improving daylight harvesting.

This means that the person who is concerned about the environment could benefit from using corrugated sheets. Finally, these polycarbonates facilitate insulation from cold and heat while still maintaining their visual properties for a long time.

Multiwall sheets

Of all polycarbonate sheets, none is more versatile than the multiwall sheet. These lightweight sheets boast of excellent transparency. They will often be sold with exceptional light transmission and heat reflection features.

They have two walls and can serve structures with five walls, especially if the concern is thermal insulation. Multiwalls can withstand extreme heat without losing their mechanical features. They serve energy efficiency excellently.

Constructing a new roof is a lot of work. If you are in such a situation, you might consider using polycarbonate roofing. Depending on your specific location, the builders might choose to repair your roof with polycarbonate or to remove the old one and build one from scratch.

Whatever the case, you need a roof that lasts and looks fantastic. The best thing about polycarbonate sheets is that they are available in different depths and compositions, so you get to choose what works for you. You can also request for the roofing sheets to be installed with protective films to improve properties like UV protection and soundproofing.

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