The garage is an essential part of all properties. While most property owners will spare no expense securing their front and back doors, few will give as much thought to their garage door. Since this is a naturally heavy door, they assume that it is burglar-proof. Without the right steps, your garage door will nonetheless become the weakest point of your home’s security.

Getting an expert in roller door service in Cairns to guide your pick of a lock is essential. This is because the roller and locking mechanism should match to guarantee the seamless opening and closing of your door. Electronic locks are the most common ones nowadays owing to their ease of use, convenience, and high-security levels. With the right choice, even manual door locks can nonetheless offer as high a level of security at lower costs than the electronic ones. Here are a few alternatives for manual garage door locks:

T-handle Locks

These have T-shaped handles installed on the exterior side of your door. The inside of your garage door will have a cable system that will attach to two bolts. The bolts are secured into your door’s tracks and released on the turning of the T-handle lock. These locks use a cylindrical-shaped key for opening and closing the door that is far harder to replicate than ordinary keys. T-handle locks are generally best suited for wooden garage doors since they are bulky and match the thick door designs.

Deadbolt Locks

These serve as extra reinforcements for your garage door. They are secure locking mechanisms that will be operated by moving the locks into an open or closed position. There are single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts. Single-cylinders deadbolt have a knob on one side and a key on the other side. Double-cylinder deadbolts have keys on either side.

Side-door Bolts

These are the most commonly used manual locks for garage doors. Side-door bolts have a lock installed on the interior side of your door that is invisible from the outside. The locking mechanism has a receiving slot and bolt placed on a door track. The bolt is slid into a slot to lock your garage door.

Mortise Deadlocks

man opening a locked door

These can be opened using a key from either side of your garage door. There are two categories of mortise deadlocks, including five- and three-lever locks. The five-lever mortise deadlock is the more secure of the two. It has a sash lock that will add a latch and door handle so that you can keep your garage door closed even when you have not locked it in using a key. The mortise deadlock might, however, not accommodate the contraction and expansion of your garage door’s material when exposed to various elements.

The manual locks mentioned above can be used in combination with electronic controls for your garage door’s extra security. The controls should nonetheless be installed by a professional to ensure that they work with the manual lock you choose. There are an estimated six break-ins every minute worldwide. Having the best lock mechanisms for your garage door will guarantee that you do not become a part of this statistic.

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