Doctor injecting a patientMost diseases in today’s world are linked to obesity. The struggle to achieve a healthy weight is frustrating and in most cases seems futile. As such, many scammers have come up with weight loss solutions that guarantee instant weight loss among other benefits. The tried and proven solution for healthy and sustained weight loss lies in the MD diet.

The weight loss solutions offered at an MD diet clinic, unlike the fad diets and weight loss scams, include medically supervised programs based on research and science. The programs offer different injections designed to boost or decrease different hormones and assist you in your weight loss. Most people shun the MD diet when they hear of the injections since they assume that this means dealing with side effects and high costs. The injections are inexpensive and virtually free of side effects since they are designed to achieve specific targets. Here are the types of injections that can be part of your MD diet treatment:

HCG Injections

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a natural hormone. Its synthetic variant used in MD diets is designed to get rid of abnormal adipose tissue around the vital organs in your body and under the skin. HCG injections will optimize and synthesize testosterone levels in your body, thus promoting weight loss along with muscle building, mood stabilization, and boosting your energy levels. The ability of the HCG hormone to reduce your weight within a short period if you adhere to the recommended HCG diet plan remains unmatched.

Vitamin Injections

It has been proven that poor diet, which is responsible for weight gain, also causes a decreased absorption of the vitamins in your diet. This deficiency leads to lethargy, depression, immune deficiency, and anemia. The MD diet includes vitamin B12, B6, and B-complex injections to rectify this deficiency. Vitamin B12 boosts your energy, metabolizes fats and carbs, and prevents anemia. Vitamin B6 reduces your body’s water retention and also helps with the breakdown of proteins, carbs, and fats. Vitamin B-complex comprises vitamins B2, B5, B3, and B2. It boosts the conversion of glucose into energy and digestion of carbs.

Lipotropic Injections

Doctor holding an injectionThese include lipo-B, lipo-plex, and lipo-den. The injections help speed up the burning of fats in your body, decrease fat deposition in various parts of your body, and enhance the liver and gall bladder’s role in fat breakdown. The lipotropic injections comprise inositol, methionine, and choline which help your liver process fats at a peak rate.

Appetite Suppressants

Most appetite suppressants used in MD diets are oral medications. Qysmia is the most common oral appetite suppressant, which is a once-daily drug proven to boost weight loss and keep it off. Saxenda is an injectable appetite suppressant that helps you achieve your weight loss two and a half times faster than with exercise and diet alone.

The medications mentioned above are all FDA-approved and hence entirely safe for your weight loss endeavor. The exact dosing requirements and duration of treatment depends on your weight. The MD diet course includes various professionals who customize your treatment to suit your needs and help you achieve and maintain an optimal weight in the shortest possible period.

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