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Skills and knowledge are the new currency in the current information age, notes many industry experts, including ProEducation School — an international school in Canggu. Successful people have a well-defined system to acquire, accumulate, and synthesize information, and this allows them to thrive.

It’s this ability that enables them to identify opportunities they can capitalize on by providing excellent solutions. Most of these people are taunted as geniuses because they tend to approach problems from unique perspectives.

They also tend to develop products that achieve runaway success, which lets them amass a fortune in the process. You too can follow in their footsteps and achieve great success.

1. Rethink your reading process

Chances are high that you blanch at the thought of learning. You picture a dull, tedious and arduous process that taxes your nerves to the limits. And that’s where you’re wrong — learning can be an enjoyable activity too if you let it.

If you have a hard time conceptualising this, then you might have the wrong approach. Consider approaching a topic the same way you do a blockbuster movie.

When watching a gripping film, you give it your full attention, following the characters’ every step of the journey, eager to see how they overcome the bad guys. You can apply the same process when trying to master a subject.

2. Recount what you learn

If you ever had to narrate a movie to a friend, you probably took them through it in excruciating details. Creating vivid mental pictures about the scenes and taking care to follow the plot as it unfolds to avoid confusing them. Applying this same approach to any subject you’re learning can bear great dividends.

It forces you to pay attention to details and grasp the central concepts, which increases your retention rate. You can practice this with a study partner or write it down. If you have the time, you can create an audio or video of yourself.

Contrary to common misconceptions, you can have loads of unbridled fun when reading and learning new concepts. You only need to add a dash of creativity to the learning process, and you have a winner.

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