Of all the spaces in our homes, the bathroom is the area that needs to be kept clean the most. Given that it is where you freshen up and cleanse yourself after being exposed to the dirt in the environment around us, you would want your bathroom to always be spick and span.

However, with so many essentials found in our bathrooms – from toiletries to towels – and ever decreasing space for these, it is common for bathrooms to turn into disorganized messes. This, in turn, creates the perfect breeding ground for dirt, mold, and mildew.

If you find yourself too busy to regularly conduct a comprehensive cleaning of your bathroom, it is best that you keep it organized and clean, to begin with. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life in the UK, doing so can be surprisingly easy and simple.

Here are some things you could try to keep your bathroom organized:

Salon trolleys

Reappropriating a salon trolley is a good way to organize all the items in your toilet. With multiple levels on which you can place your items, you can easily categorize them so that they are easy for you to find when needed. Many also have special compartments for things like blow dryers, making such bulky items easier to store. This is bound to make your salon trolley a space saver as well.

Shower caddies

It can be exhausting to always have to reach down to the floor to grab your shampoo and soap while taking a shower. Try to install some caddies – or baskets – on the walls of your shower area for you to place your shower needs. If you use loofahs or scrubbers when you shower, getting one with hooks is a great idea. This lets you have all your shower needs in one place to save you time and energy in the bathroom.

bathroom sink essentials

Hanging baskets

Attaching baskets to the wall does not only serve an organizational purpose, but they also add an aesthetic quality to your bathroom. You can use them as shelves to hold towels, magazines, and even photographs and works of art. This allows you to store such items without taking up any floor or sink space. You can even use different basket designs at the same time for a truly unique look in your bathroom.

Mason jars

Not only are they sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, but mason jars are also good options for storing your toilet items. They can neatly store almost anything, from toothbrushes and make-up brushes to cotton balls and cotton buds. For premium accessibility and organization, you can line a series of mason jars up and attach them to a board using hose clamps, which you can then mount on a wall near your sink.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves serve not only as a good place to put different items but also to add some decorations to your bathroom. For example, you could add a houseplant or air freshener that will make your bathroom feel and smell cleaner and fresher. You may also add personal effects like cardboard letters or small accessories that make your bathroom more comfortable for you.

Finally getting your bathroom cleaned and organized can do you so many wonders. Not only will you feel fresher and more relaxed every time you step in, but you will also be more efficient in managing your bathroom time.

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