If you’re putting your house up for sale or simply want to make it more comfortable to live in, then have some renovations done. Oftentimes, people don’t know where to start or go by feel and end up going overboard. To avoid overspending on this, take note of these 5 renovations you can do to increase your home’s market value, or make it more livable.

1. Change the Entry Door

Switching the front door may not sound like much of a renovation. Should you choose to change the door, get one made of steel. A steel door adds durability and greater security to your home. Having a steel door also makes your home better-insulated and lowers energy costs.

The biggest benefit? Adding a steel door can return as much as 97% of the cost of the door when you tack it on your home’s price tag.

2. Change the Garage Door

Replacing your garage door isn’t always necessary, but go ahead with it if your garage door is old, appears worn down and doesn’t work as well. It’s especially important to change your garage door if it’s visible from the street. A brand-new garage door can increase your home’s curb appeal and at the very least, make driving into or getting out of the garage hassle-free.

3. Add a Deck

Another addition to your home that can increase its value is a deck. Many homeowners and buyers actually find the added outdoor living space as something they’d like to have and enjoy.

Decks technically add more square footage to the total living space and offer the pleasure of savoring the weather, dining al fresco, and entertaining guests while enjoying the view.

Consider adding a wood deck, not one of the composite materials. Opt for this renovation if the weather can be pleasant enough to be outdoors, as this could go unused and your money could go to waste.

clean kitchen interior

4. Do Minor Kitchen Renovations

This can include replacing the backsplash, the cooktop and oven with more energy-efficient models, and cabinet fronts, and installing new countertops. Replacing the standard sink and faucets to mid-price models are also excellent minor renovations, as is repainting the area or retiling the floors. Do any of these minor renovations singly or in combination, but not all at once, to keep down costs. Choose only the most necessary renovations as this could balloon into a major overhaul of your kitchen.

5. Add New Siding

Install new siding to your home if you think it’ll increase your home’s curb appeal, and if the sidings really need replacement. Opt for vinyl siding, as cement-fiber siding can be on the expensive side. You can also try foam-backed vinyl siding, so choose what looks best to you and fits your budget.

If you’re serious about selling your home, these simple and low-cost renovations to your home can add both curb appeal and increased value to your home. Note that most of these cost-efficient renovations are to the exterior of your home since many buyers assume that a well-maintained exterior implies that the homeowners take care of the interiors too.

While these are minor renovations, you should avoid DIY jobs and are better off hiring a professional building company right here in Fort Wayne. Finally, choose only the most practical renovations, and don’t expect your home’s value to jump by leaps and bounds. And if you don’t get to sell your home right away, you’ll still end up with a home you can enjoy more in the years to come.

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