Experienced machinist holding a toolCNC tool holders are just as important as high-performance cutting tools. When these tool holders are in good shape, they can help machine shops run efficiently and prevent premature cutting tool failure. Machine shop owners should keep these things in mind to keep their tool holders in top condition.

Use the Right Cleaning Tools

Shop owners can use wiping tools and cleaners specifically for cleaning machine parts. They, for instance, can use lint-free cloths to clean machine parts. Alternatively, shop owners can also use an ultrasonic cleaning system to quickly and efficiently clean tool holder collets, holder nuts, collect cavities, tapers, and other smaller sub-assembly holder parts.

Inspect and Clean Tool Holders after Each Use

Apart from choosing the right cleaning tools, shop owners should also regularly inspect and clean tool holders after every use. The proper inspection method includes taking the tool holder apart and cleaning each component.

During an inspection, shop owners can get rid of residue from the coolant by using an oil-dissolving cleaner. Eliminating the residue ensures that the tool stays efficient. Moreover, they can take this opportunity to take out small pieces of chips lodged in machine parts.

After cleaning, shop owners should look out for signs of wear or damage. If the tool holder has seen better days, they can opt to replace it. They should make sure to purchase replacement tool holders from a reputable industrial supply company like Herrick Industrial Supply.

Speak with an Experienced Machinist about Tool Maintenance

Shop owners who may not be completely familiar with the inspection and cleaning process may seek the help of a machinist. An experienced machinist will be able to explain important tool maintenance concepts like tool failure and its impact on spindle wear. Consulting with a machinist will help shop owners determine the right time to replace tool holders so they can keep the machinery in good condition.

Using the right cleaning tools, inspecting and cleaning tool holders after each use, and consulting an experienced machinist on tool maintenance can help keep CNC tool holders in good shape. Shop owners should make tool holder maintenance a routine to prolong the lifespan of the cutting tools.

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