Your wedding reception is where the real fun begins. As a newly married couple, you’d want to be sure that all of your guests are comfortable, satisfied with the food, and are enjoying the program. It’s also a chance to make new acquaintances, so the dinner style and seating arrangement must be planned carefully.

The drinks should also be as abundant as your food. Good cocktails and wine would make the night, so having a drinks bar on your wedding reception would be nice.

That said, how can you plan the best wedding reception?

Traditional Wedding Reception

For traditional receptions, a sit-down dinner is the most common style. Usually, ten guests are seated at a round table, and each of them is served three courses of meals or more. Sit-down dinners are suitable for either intimate or grand weddings. The good thing about this style is your guests can mingle with one another and get acquainted if there are people meeting for the first time in one table. This may be costly, though, because it needs more staff than other dinner styles. But in a sit-down dinner, you can easily determine the quantity of food you need, meaning you’d be dealing with fewer leftovers.

A buffet-style dinner also suits a traditional wedding reception, only you need at least a hundred guests. A buffet can serve more dishes than a sit-down dinner, and your guests will be free to choose the food they like. This is especially good for vegans, vegetarians, and picky eaters. The cost is cheaper than a sit-down dinner, but this a self-service style, so your guests have to stand and line up before they can eat. If this is something that bothers you, explore your other options.

Big Wedding Parties

If you plan of inviting more than a hundred guests, consider a standing party. You’d have a wider array of food choices served buffet-style, only everyone has to stand up. The non-availability of seats may sound unappealing, but this is actually the perfect style if you want to promote interactions and new friendships. Space is crucial when you’re inviting many guests, and without seats, you can offer them a larger space. If there are older guests and children, however, they may be uncomfortable.

Wedding Reception

Intimate Weddings

Casual dining style would be best if you only have around 50 guests or less. This suits venues like barns, gardens, and backyards. You can plan the menu more easily because you only have to cater to a few people. It’s also comfortable and budget-friendly.

Menu Planning

Chef and wedding planner Lulu Powers shares some tips on how to have the perfect wedding menu plan. For appetizers, she suggests serving four to seven. There should be a huge variety, for example, meatball sliders, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, bruschetta, sushi, and more. When there are only a few appetizer options, your guests may stop appreciating it after a few bites, so better be safe and prepare as many as you can.

In a casual dinner party, you can try doing a potluck since it’s an intimate celebration. But if you think that isn’t as fun, try having a food truck or a BBQ party. And don’t forget the wedding cake!

With these tips, you’d be sure to nail your wedding reception. If you’re still anxious about not pleasing everyone, remember that a wedding should be about the couple, so worry less about doing what is expected of you and put your happiness first.

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