Green wallpaper on the wallThe right wallpaper can drastically improve anyone’s room. It’s becoming increasingly popular today because of the various designs available in the market. But there are still a few people who aren’t comfortable with using wallpapers. They feel overwhelmed with all the patterns that they find it difficult to order wallpaper online. But how do you choose one for your home from retailers like Wallpaper Warehouse?

Wallpapers can make a room appear more prominent. Choosing the right one can also make it brighter and hide your home’s imperfections. But, one wrong move can turn your home into a hot mess. To help you with making the right decision, here are a few tips you should know.

Choose the right color

Color can ultimately set the right mood in any space. It can change the whole vibe of each room with each pattern and color that you choose. Softer color tones create a feeling of tranquility while deep cooler tones create a fresh and dramatic feel. Meanwhile, warm colors can make the room feel warmer when you look at it. This type of color tone is a favorite in colder climates and even work well in rooms facing the north.

Consider the style

Floral wallpaper designYou should consider the style that you have in mind when choosing a wallpaper design. You can use beautiful damasks or floral patterns with fine lines to help create a more romantic vibe. For casual looks, choose faux finishes like stucco and bead board. You can also consider using wallpaper designs with organic or floral patterns to give it a more relaxed feel.

You can use bold geometric patterns to give your room a more contemporary look. You can consider using bold floral or high gloss metallic accents for a more daring aesthetics. For a traditional look, you can consider using intricate stripes and damasks for your home. You can pair it with classical pieces of furniture as well as antique decor to give it a more classic look.

Figure out how you’ll use it

Bear in mind that not all design patterns will look good on all walls. So, here are a few of the options that you might want to choose.

· Put it on all corners – You can consider using a classic stripe design and install it horizontally on all four corners of the room. Using a large-scale model with simple stripe patterns can give your room a more contemporary feel.

· Create a feature wall – When creating a feature wall, it’s best to choose bold and dramatic patterns to make it stand out. You can install this wallpaper design behind the bed or even the sofa. You can consider picking designs with a touch of metallic or gloss to give it a classy yet glamorous vibe.

Choosing the right wallpaper pattern can be a tedious process. It’s best to consider the design ideas that you have in the room before purchasing one online. You can also check a few magazine or other sites to get more ideas on how to pick the right wallpaper for your room.

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