Holding events such as gala dinners is a great way to let yourself and your employees unwind for a whole night. Every once in a while, it’s good to take a break and welcome some distractions. Aside from giving you a break, events are also a way to reward your employees for their hard work, which can encourage them to keep performing well.
If you think planning a gala dinner would disrupt you from your daily duties, think not because thanks to the internet, event suppliers are now easier to find without you having to go anywhere. For your venue, for example, you can consider some online sources, such as www.thegrandhallkc.com/corporate-events/, and asses if they have the right resources and if they fit your standards.

That said, the next step is thinking how to make your gala dinner fun and exciting. Consider these brilliant ideas:

Have a Theme

Young sexy VIP celebrities taking selfie on red carpetA theme can set the tone of your company’s gala dinner, and making your employees dress up according to a theme can be a fun challenge for them. A popular gala dinner theme is a masquerade. It’s timeless, easy to execute, and the dress code is simple. Black dresses and coats will do because it’s the masks that would have to make a statement.

If you want a more glamorous theme, consider The Oscars. Fill the venue with Hollywood-related decor, and of course, never forget the signature red carpet. Make the entrance VIP-only style to make everyone feel like a star.

You can also set your theme on the more playful side, like an Under The Sea theme, for example. Decorate the venue with deep shades of blue, seashells, and balloons in the shape of marine animals.

Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s creative but hassle-free, so all of your employees and other guests can prepare for it with ease.

Entertainment Ideas

Liven up your gala dinner with fun games. It can spark friendly competitions, which would enhance your organization’s teamwork and unity.

A game of “Wheel of Fortune” or “The Price is Right” can fuel everyone’s love for winning. This game is perfect for both huge and intimate dinners. If you, the managers, supervisors, and other higher-ups are good sports, you can play Roast Master. In this game, your employees would be allowed to “roast” you. Don’t worry, because a professional Roast Master will be involved to ensure that all banter won’t go below the belt. Roast Master is especially fun if your organization is a close-knit one.

To make sure there won’t be any silent gaps throughout the night, hire musicians, acrobats (for a mini circus show), comedians, or a band to keep things lively.

Why a Gala Dinner is Important

A gala dinner is an opportunity to award your best-performing employees while validating the rest. This can boost employee morale, and create a better, more focused team.
Gala dinners or any company event highlight your core values and culture. It also increases employee engagement. Studies reveal that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies, so by all means, hold events every once in a while to encourage your employees to stay.

Company events are also a way to celebrate all the milestones you have reached. It can also be an avenue to forge new connections, improve collaborations, and foster teamwork. When your company’s success is celebrated and your employees’ hard work is recognized, your business will be progressive and you’d reap all the benefits in no time.

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