Every day, hundreds of kids are born worldwide and given up for adoption. In other cases, children leave or are taken from their primary caregivers for one reason or another and put up for adoption.

In the past years, adoption was generally a preserve of couples who could not get kids of their own. But now, even couples capable of having kids, singles, and LGBTQ couples are also opting for adoption. This gives them the chance to offer a loving home to another child who would otherwise not have one.

An Albuquerque-based family lawyer is an essential part of your adoption process. Your attorney will ensure that you do not contravene your state’s adoption laws and also offer you invaluable advice on the costs of the process while boosting your chances of a successful adoption.

Application Fees

Before starting on your adoption path, you will pay an application fee to the adoption agency. The exact total of this fee will vary among agencies, but the one offering the lowest price is not necessarily a poor choice. Agencies, after all, often base their fees on their operation costs and size.

After paying the application fee, you start on financial surveys, doctor physicals, and background checks. These undertakings might call for an extra charge, but this is generally a small one.

Home Study

child cheering after studying

The state and adoption agency need to be sure that you have a conducive home environment for the child you adopt. To this end, they will send a social worker to your house for a home study. This assesses the emotional, financial, and physical aspects of your home.

You will meet the costs of the home study based on what is spent, but some agencies have a fixed price for this. If you move within six months of the home study, you will pay an additional fee for another study to verify that your new house is conducive for kids.

Support and Counseling

These services are intended for pregnant women who want to give their children for adoption. The support these services offer is instrumental in helping them deal with the apprehension of giving their kids up and preparing them for the emotions they might face. The adoptive parents are required to pay for these expenses.

Legal Costs

You will also need to pay for serving notices and court filing fees for the finalization and legalization of your adoption process. If you have opted for international adoption, you should also factor in immigration applications, visa, passport, and medical fees. The lawyer will prove essential in this case to liaise with the attorney in the other country to ensure the legality of your adoption process.

Most people look at a ballpark figure when thinking of adoption. They are then discouraged by the seemingly high quotations they get. When you break down the costs and understand them, however, you will see that the above fees, along with others, are not that expensive. Therefore, they should not stop you from starting the adoption process.

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