One of the most popular and sought-after industrial pumps in the market is the centrifugal pump. There are a couple of designs that you can choose from, depending on what you might need it for. However, there are certain safety measures that you should take to keep your centrifugal pumps safe at all times. This will also keep your workers safe, which definitely should be your priority. Below, we will talk about how to keep your centrifugal pumps safe before purchasing one from industrial water pump suppliers.

Do Not Let it Overheat

Overheating can damage your centrifugal pump’s internal components. Aside from this, it can also cause severe burns and other injuries to the one who is working with the pump. To keep this from happening, you should always ensure that the suction and discharge lines are open during operations. If you’ve noticed that the industrial pump is overheating, then immediately stop and unplug it to allow it to cool down. Always make sure that it has fully cooled down before removing the gauge port plug, cover plate, and fill port cap.

Give it a Good Check-Up

The parts on your centrifugal pump might be a little worn out, which is why it is important to check on it every once in a while. Check if it has a couple of worn-out components and see to it that these will be replaced as soon as possible. Failure to replace the worn-out components can lead to your pump getting seriously damaged, which can eventually lead to you not being able to use it.

Perform Maintenance Every Once in a While

The best way to avoid future damages is to always perform a routine check on your centrifugal pump. Check the motor and engine to see if the engine is getting the power that it needs to be able to perform properly. Additionally, you should also check other components such as the wear plates, volute casing, and impeller vanes.

Perform a maintenance check at least every six months so you can make sure that everything is working well. You should also inspect and clean the suction strainer to get rid of the debris that might cause clogging of the strainer.

Do a Shut-Off Test

If you want to inspect the components and measure the centrifugal pumps’ internal wear, then it would be best to perform a shut-off test. Start by powering the pump on and allowing it to achieve full flow. After that, make sure that the discharge valve is closed then record the discharge and suction gauge reading. The reading must be equal to the pump performance maximum pressure noted at zero flow.

Keep it Accessible

Engineer checking the condition of pump

Keep the centrifugal pump accessible and make sure that it is located as close to the liquid that is being pumped. However, you should not place it within three feet of other types of equipment, as this can disturb the way that the pump works. Make sure that your centrifugal pump is intact and will not move when being used. You can ensure this by securing it to the ground.

Centrifugal pumps are quite expensive, which is why it is a must to always keep it safe and secure. Follow these tips and keep your pump working for a long time!

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