Direct mail marketing is slowly slipping back into the strategies of skilled marketers, as they lose hold of their potential customers’ interest with online marketing strategies. More consumers nowadays feel the need to detox from technology and social media, opting to deactivate their accounts to unplug and take back ownership of their time. Additionally, the increasing concern of customers on their internet safety has also impacted the success of ultra data-driven marketing strategies that seemed to have dominated the past five years.

Digital is Failing (Somewhat)

Following Facebook’s privacy issues and the now widespread knowledge on how companies collect customer data (sometimes illegally), customers have scaled back on their use of the internet, as well as social media. They also seldom pay attention to ads anymore, and some in fact even use ad blockers.

This has since posted a new challenge for even the most experienced marketers. Unfortunately, it was small business owners who suffered the most from this unexpected shift in consumer habits. Lacking the skills that professional marketers have and with people getting less interested in online promotions, entrepreneurs are losing on the chance to market themselves.

It’s not the end

Using direct mail as an integral aspect of your membership management campaign can help you boost your earnings and capture potential leads in a short amount of time. If you’re outsourcing this to a membership management services, make sure to discuss with them how you would want to incorporate this in your marketing plans.

Traditional is Forever

The good news is they, and everyone for that matter can still take advantage of time-tested marketing methods of the past such as direct mail. Lean entrepreneurs and new businesses used to have the hardest time with direct mail as most didn’t have the background nor backing of old clients that established ones had. However, thanks to changes in the aforementioned consumer perspectives, entrepreneurs can reach customers easier as the direct marketing space is less cramped.

Here’s why direct mail and direct marketing, in general, could be a good fallback strategy for new and small to medium-sized entrepreneurs:

It doesn’t “demand” any obligations on the side of the customer. While direct mailing is a little “direct” as its name suggests, it is not as aggressive or intrusive than most online marketing tactics. Intrinsically, direct mail is more appealing as they give receivers a choice to open, read or discard the sent material. Direct mail is not intrusive and allows customers to pace their reading and reaction to the information presented to them. Those that especially focus on simply creating awareness and educating customers about a potential product or service, rather than hard selling get the time of day, because they do not impose on its target customers.

Unflappable Efficiency for Its Cost

Manipulating envelopes for mailing

The data presents positive statistics. The direct mail response rate has seen steady growth over the past decade. In 2018, the response rate has reached 4.9 percent, according to a report from Destination CRM which cited data from the ANA/DMA Response Rate Report 2018. Meanwhile, response rates from direct mails sent based on house lists rose by 9 percent.

It’s cost-friendly for entrepreneurs. When printed in bulk,  the cost of printing for direct mail materials such as letters, brochures, and newsletters significantly goes down. This is money saved which you could have wasted on complex and poorly executed digital marketing campaigns.

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