If you were to choose a place in the world that is not littered, cramped or smoggy, these cities are the perfect candidates. While other cities are trying their best to become industrialised or more developed, these 10 aim to make a difference in the environment.

Helsinki, Finland

The Scandinavians are known to be the happiest people. Helsinki made it on top of this list since Amsterdam and Copenhagen make it very easy for travellers to cycle all over the city and utilise public transportation to reduce carbon footprint and air pollution.

Reykjavik, Iceland

In Iceland, you will see nothing but pure beauty and an almost out-of-fairy tale scenery that it feels almost like utopia. But aside from the scenery, Iceland is also one of the cleanest places in the world. They have hydrogen-powered public transportation, and their electricity and heat are from a highly sustainable and renewable hydropower plant, which powers the rest of the country as well.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is notorious for having more bikes than people. Bikes help reduce carbon emission, stop air pollution and encourage a healthier population.

Copenhagen, Denmark

As an eco-friendly city, Copenhagen in Denmark has committed ways to ensure green living and sustainability. They have encouraged people to use bicycles around town, and half of the people are cycling to and from work and school here.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

In Sweden, you can never see any litter in the sidewalks! It is the cleanest city, with their streetscape very well maintained. The air here is very bright, crisp and clear. Stockholm is notorious for its cleanliness, lack of pollution, and having a great public transport system. Also, you have to check in the countryside; the picturesque views will surely blow you away.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a clean city in Europe. It is known for its green lifestyle where you can see a lot of green spaces and urban landscapes. They have the annual Berlin Green Tour that introduces the many ways Berlin’s communities are recycling, upcycling, resourcing, and creating a sustainable environment for its people and the future generation.

Canberra, Australia

Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is teeming with forests and farmlands. It is said that Canberra’s nature reserves and green spaces occupy more than 50% of the city’s land area. It also boasts of the City Loop subway, which is free to the public. They also have stringent rules on waste.

Other cities in Australia are also going green. Developers and home builders in Townsville, Queensland are looking for more sustainable options for power and energy. They also aim for greener communities by involving residents and homeowners.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a bustling town brimming with hippies, environmentalists and people who just love nature and everything eco-friendly. It is by far the greenest place on earth with over 93,000 acres of greeneries and approximately 75 miles of walking and hiking trails.

San Francisco, California

In the U.S., San Francisco is dubbed as one of the greenest cities. Half of its population bikes, walks, or utilizes public transport to get to work or school. It is surrounded by pristine blue waters, clear blue skies, and miles upon miles of natural forests and parks. In the West Coast, San Francisco is the most progressive and the leading eco-friendly movement in the rest of America.

Cape Town, South Africa

The leader in the eco-friendly movement in the whole of Africa is Cape Town. They are using South Africa’s first-ever commercial wind farm to help transform the city and afford sustainability for farmer markets in the continent.

Living in a city that is clean, green, and with plans for a renewable future should be one of the considerations when looking for a new home.

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