Portrait of a cheerful woman with hands raisedHow long does it take for a person to build their confidence? It depends on the means and how dedicated you are to improving your self-esteem. If you’re considering a lifestyle change or even braces, your doctor can give you a rough idea. You could, of course, take it slow and work on these improvements one area at a time.

Improving Your Appearance

Whether it’s through braces or a new haircut, as soon as the improvement is done, you will feel a change in yourself. A new haircut from a West Jordan salon makes you feel more beautiful, while the removal of braces you’ve worn for months or years will make you feel more confident. A haircut, though more convenient, may have a temporary effect, however. Meanwhile, well-aligned teeth will show a permanent improvement in your smile.

Surrounding Yourself with the Right People

You want people that improve your confidence, not individuals who pretend to be your friends but only bring you down. The Negative Nancys of your life have to go, replaced by people who help you see the good in yourself. Ask yourself what a person is doing for you: if they are only in your life to emphasize your flaws, they have to go. If they are making you aware of areas that need improvement and help you improve those areas, they can stay.

Finding a Better Job

They say no job is easy, but your job should not make you feel like the worst person in the world, either. If you are working with people who only talk about the worst in others, especially if this is not a part of the job, you might want to consider a better work environment. When a workplace becomes toxic, no salary will compensate for the stress they are adding to your life.

Being confident means knowing what harms you and what helps you be a better person. Sometimes this means cutting ties with toxic people; other times it means something as simple as a haircut.

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