Being keen to hire the right personnel to run your plant and equipment is an excellent way to ensure machinery efficiency. That is because they will operate your PPE appropriately. But while that is critical, it is essential that you also factor in proper maintenance. And that is irrespective of whether you hired that road grader or you own that tipper. It is your responsibility, as much as it is of the firm that offered you these for hire, to keep them in their best state and ensure durability and worksite safety. So yes, every piece of equipment that you are using should follow the recommended maintenance procedure for before, during and after use.

What exactly should maintenance entail?

Typically, every maintenance process will entail cleaning the PPE, which is, at least, the general word out there. But ideally, the recommended plant and equipment maintenance procedure has a lot more than just cleaning. Maintenance here does and must involve professional guidance, whether trained or guided, to perform maintenance procedures in your plant and on equipment that you use. That is because the maintenance here does cover inspection, measurement, testing, adjustment, and replacement, among other procedures. All these elements of plant maintenance need to follow the recommended steps to ensure that they remain not only optimally functional but also safe for operators to use over their entire service life.

Professional plant maintenance

Get professional help for your plant maintenance if you do not have any training on how to carry out maintenance procedures on a particular tool. That should also be the case even when you have the training but are unsure of how best to maintain that plant. Guessing your way around maintaining your equipment and plant machinery could end up damaging the plant further, or worse, result in a fatal worksite accident. Be keen, too, when hiring plant machinery to ensure you get devices that have a consistent history of proper maintenance. On that, following this checklist will be beneficial.

Unless you are working on long-term projects, outsourcing PPE maintenance services could be the best choice for you. You can inquire about this from the company from which you hire your plant equipment. The bottom line here is to get this right every time.

Plant maintenance to minimise worksite fatalities

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Carelessness is among the top causes of worksite deaths and injuries in Australia. Typically, these fatalities are from amputated limbs from moving machine parts and fractures from falls. Others are from electric shocks and burns from exposed hot surfaces, flames and fluids, and hearing loss from a noisy plant. Do all these have to happen? No. Can you prevent or at least reduce the frequency at which these fatalities occur in your worksite?

You do have a primary responsibility of ensuring your plant and equipment are in their best condition before, during and after use. Do you hire your road graders, tippers and other plant machinery? That’s great. But once you have the equipment on-site, you should make it your primary responsibility to perform maintenance duly.

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