Conservatives and Liberals disagree on a lot of things — most especially on issues of gun ownership and hunting. It’s quite shocking that for these issues — Liberals argue using morality and Conservatives argue with facts.

The Great Political Divide

The ideological gap between the Left and the Right has been growing these past years — but the election of Donald Trump has lit a powder keg. Before Trump, the Left and the Right somewhat tolerated each other — even if each side had a bit of dislike and confusion over the other side’s thoughts and motivations.

Today, Liberals consider Conservatives as evil — even tolerating the use of violence against their fellow Americans. There is no longer any middle ground as Democrats put all their efforts into thwarting a President they believe — robbed the election.

The 2nd Amendment may protect your rights to own a firearm — but Democratic leaders are finding and creating loopholes to take away your guns.

Legal Guns and Crime

The Liberal argument against guns is that they are immoral and that owning guns is somewhat related to supporting the murdering of children. Pretty funny for a group that actually supports the murdering of children. The Left will argue that guns kill people and that anyone can buy a gun.

Never mind that the number of murders attributed to firearms each year amount to less than 20,000 — but in that same period, more than a million lives are saved through defensive gun use. The Left — even President Obama — often espouse the narrative that it is easy to purchase firearms.

They’ve probably never even filled-up a Form 4473 in their lives, and they have no idea that purchasing firearms exposes you to background checks. About 85 percent of all crimes used with a firearm involved illegally obtained firearms. Taking guns away from people only makes them more vulnerable to criminal elements and government tyranny.

Conservationism vs. Environmentalism

deer in the wild

Hunting season in Michigan is just a few months away, and hunting shops are getting busier as hunters begin registration and preparation for the September hunt. Liberals will never understand hunting. They consider it an immoral act perpetrated by cruel depraved psychopaths.

They call themselves environmentalists, but little do they know that the deer hunter they despise is doing more for the environment than they are. Hunters are conservationists — they want to preserve wildlife populations and their habitats so they can continue hunting for years to come.

Environmentalists want those deer to be left alone — however, uncontrolled deer will eventually destroy their own habitat and make it unlivable. Without hunting, diseases will turn into outbreaks — harming deer and other wildlife around them.

Taxes from hunting and fishing supplies and equipment actually fund more than 75 percent of each state’s wildlife conservation efforts — making hunters the biggest contributors in keeping the environment and its wildlife safe.

The Left has no valid arguments against the ownership of guns or even hunting. Their moral arguments fail under the slightest bit of scrutiny — making you wonder what exactly is their motivation to take away your guns?

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