Buying a gift for someone can be overwhelming with the broad range of alternatives currently available. You cannot, however, go wrong with jewelry if you are on the lookout for a perfect lady’s present. One of the jewelry pieces that is all the rage currently is an anklet.

Although anklets might seem subtle to a woman’s overall look, they make a huge difference when paired with the right shoes to complete a look. There are different parts of an anklet including the clips, chain, charms, and spacers.

When shopping for women’s gold anklets base your choice on all these elements rather than the color and overall design of the anklet. Plain chain anklets make a perfect fit for those looking for a subtle yet elegant anklet. The chains can also have a few added charms depending on your desires.

The following are a few chain options used for anklets nowadays.

Anchor Chain

This is so named since it resembles marine anchors. An anchor chain features double links of the same size which connect to form a sturdy chain. The alternating links in this chain are a larger oval one with a small round one.

Though the anchor chain in the past was primarily used for men’s chains, it nowadays suffices for women looking for durable anklets. Anchor chains for women’s jewelry are thinner compared to that used for men’s. The Figaro chain resembles the anchor chain but has flattened links of varying sizes.

Box Chain

This features square links which resemble a box when connected. The box chain is a sturdy one which generally pairs well with heavy charms. There exist thin and thick box chains for anklets. The thick ones will work for those looking for a statement anklet while the thin ones are ideal for those aiming for a subtle anklet.

Bead Chain

This is also called a ball chain and features small round beads on a chain with some space between them. The space between the beads is used for the hanging of charms.

Some designers can, however, have your desired inscription or charm in the balls used for the chain instead thus making a one-of-a-kind anklet.

Snake Chain

This is the ideal alternative for those looking for a subtle yet strong anklet. The snake chain comprises rings which are closely fit making the chain look like a flexible tube with the same texture as snakeskin.

The chain is delicate and narrow. Most people opt for plain snake chain anklets, but you can include a charm on yours if you so wish.

Byzantine Chain

Gold jewelry

This has interlocking layered links which form a complex rope-like design. The links used for this chain are either round or oval-shaped. Byzantine chain anklets generally have no charms to emphasize the detail on the chain.

Your choice of a chain from the ones above will determine the look and durability of your anklet. They however all make a perfect match for different outfits and occasions.

If you are buying a gift for someone or stocking on your anklet collection, go all out and get an anklet in each of the chain types. This way, you will have one for each occasion.

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