A 21-year-old college student claims that energy drinks have ruined his life.

It all started when he relied on energy drinks to stay awake for college studies, first consuming three cans a day (one each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and eventually drinking six cans a day. His energy drink addiction led him to consume 45 cans a week for seven months.

He only started realizing the negative effects of his habit after his four front teeth snapped when he tried biting into an apple. When he consulted a dentist, he was told that his teeth were already rotten and that he needed 24 fillings, as well as dentures for his front teeth.

This resulted in him leaving college as he tended to his dental problems. He said his smile was completely ruined by energy drinks.

Meanwhile, a teacher also warned against energy drink consumption, sharing that his tongue blistered due to his addiction. He used to drink about six cans per day, with each one containing 58 grams of sugar. The chemicals in the drinks reportedly caused his tongue to blister and peel off.

Know When It Is Too Much Already

We all know that anything excessive can be harmful. And energy drinks are no exception.

Many health experts have repeatedly warned about the dangers of consuming too much energy drinks because of their high sugar, caffeine, and taurine content. Studies show that the acid and sugar from these drinks cause not only cavities in the teeth but also enamel erosion, which, in turn, results in hypersensitivity.

On top of poor dental health, there are risks for caffeine overdose, diabetes, obesity, and neurological problems, according to the World Health Organization.

A study from the University of Maryland School of Public Health also showed that students who constantly consumed energy drinks throughout their college years have higher risks for alcohol abuse. While the findings are not conclusive, energy drinks still do pose a huge problem, as their high caffeine content somehow mimics the effects of drugs, which may eventually lead to addiction.

Fortunately, intervention programs in sober living houses in cities like Austin can help people return to their normal lives through sobriety.

Keep Everything in Moderation

athletes taking a break after training

Like most things in life, energy drinks have to be taken in moderation.

It is already proven that energy drinks can pose a lot of problems and risks with the chemicals and ingredients they contain. While certain stressful situations may lead people to turn to energy drinks for a much-needed boost, we should all still keep ourselves aware of the dangers excessive consumption brings.

It is true that life can be tiring and the need for consecutive all-nighters may be inevitable, whether you are a college student or an employee beating work deadlines. In times like these, do not be afraid to pop open an energy drink should the need arise, but make sure to consume moderately. Always be wary of what increased doses of energy drinks can do to your health and well-being, both physical and mental.

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