If you and your significant other are sports enthusiasts, there are many activities that you can do together. Moreover, not only will you be able to nurture a deeper relationship by spending quality time with each other, but you’ll also get to engage in something that you’re both passionate about. Below, we will provide some fun and exciting date ideas for sports-loving couples out there:

Watch a live game

Whether it’s the NBA championship or an ice hockey tournament, there’s nothing like watching a game to bring out the sports junkie in anyone. From screaming your lungs out to cheering your team to victory or making predictions during breaks, you’ll both be fully engrossed in watching a live game. You can even opt for small-time ones, like the championship of a local junior league — because really, what can be more adorable than sports and kids combined?

Hang with a group in a sports bar

Invite other sports fans and grab a table at a nearby pub or sports bar. Nothing spells “sports heaven” better than cheering your favorite team or player with a very loud and enthusiastic crowd while also indulging in treats like nachos, chicken wings, and of course, refreshingly cold beer. Additionally, if there’s a pool table and a dartboard in the pub, these are fool-proof ways to hype up the fun.

Work out together

Whether you’re training for some extreme sports like a triathlon event that you both aim to join or you simply want to get in shape, hitting the gym together is a great way to stay productive while also being in each other’s company. Plus, exercising works wonders for optimizing your overall health.

Attend a sports event

Chances are you’re actively following the social media pages and frequently visiting the websites of your favorite team or player. Be on the lookout for interactive public functions that book fan-meets and athlete autograph signing events. To make the gesture sweeter and more meaningful, opt for an event that promotes your darling’s main team, and not yours. But, of course, if you share the same fandom, there’s no need for a compromise.

Visit a sports museum

In the mood for some deep history? Avail a tour to a sports museum and marvel at the colorful history of your all-time favorite sport with your beloved strolling by your side. Particular establishments even offer some cool and interactive displays as well as memorabilia like medals, footwear, championship rings, and historic jerseys.

Hold a movie marathon at home

Couple and other people, probably friends, in cinema watching a movie

Cuddle up, make some snacks, dim the lights, and enjoy several sports movies with your partner. Sports fiction hits the right tender spot in the hearts of fanatics. Moreover, whatever type of sport you’re interested in, you’ll certainly find a movie about it. For example, if you’re into boxing, go watch Rocky. If you like American football, we recommend tear-jerkers like Remember the Titans and The Blind Side. If you are a basketball enthusiast, you’ll surely enjoy Coach Carter.

Having shared interests and passions is helpful in deepening a romantic relationship. In addition, take advantage of the fact that you love the same things and make them an indispensable part of your regular bonding time. However, exploring other hobbies can prove to be worthwhile as well, so don’t close your doors to other date ideas.

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