Gift-giving is a common custom around the globe. People offer presents to signify gratitude, memorialize occasions, or just highlight the value of sharing. However, with numerous annual celebrations on your calendar, plus the additional formal gatherings and social functions, the gifts you give may lack variety over time.

Indeed, it can be hard to think of unique gifts for every occasion so many opt for the classic ones. This often leaves the recipient with a surplus of the same merchandise. For instance, a couple may be gifted hundreds of plates for their wedding, and that is not an exaggeration.

To enliven people’s festive spirit and freshen up the concept of your gifts, why not try giving customized items? Even something as simple as an engraved name or an etched message adds a personal touch to your presents which the recipients will surely appreciate. In this article, we’ll specifically be looking into laser marking and its extensive potentials in craft production.

Laser Marking

Fiber lasers are an efficient tool for various stainless steel marking applications.  It’s also economical and versatile as it can be used for plenty of decorative and functional techniques on stainless steel material. Another good tool is CO2 lasers, which are prevalently utilized for glass marking. Materials like wood, tile, stone, and wax can also be marked using laser cutters and engravers.

There are four main types of laser marking on stainless steel — ablation, dark marking, engraving, and stain marking. Each has its own distinct marking methods and a range of laser settings. You can learn each process by yourself so you can DIY or you can also ask a professional to perform customizations on store-bought items.

Materials to Use Laser Marking

laser cutting machine

To get started, here are several ideas for laser marked merchandises that will make superb presents:

  • Coasters

Coasters with elaborate geometric designs make thoughtful gifts for your caffeine-addicted friends. You can select a quote, initials, pattern — anything is practically doable. You also have a variety of materials to choose from such as acrylic, leather, tile, wood, glass, stone, and even metals.

  • Wine Glasses

A lovely set of laser engraved wine glasses is a sophisticated wedding present. Have the date of the wedding and the couple’s names etched in intricate fonts around the curve of each glass. Now, it will be far less likely that a guest in attendance will have the same gift as yours.

  • Keychain Bottle Opener

A laser engraved metal bottle opener makes good groomsmen giveaways or just a cute little something for your special buddy. Select a minimalist and masculine design as this perfectly matches the metallic finish of the bottle opener. Add a nickname or a funny expression for a more personalized vibe.

  • Pet Collar

A cute engraved collar makes a classy gift for the furry babies of your loved ones. Choose a fancy material like steel on leather or velvet, and add the name of that adorable furry creature with a little detail like a bone, paw print or whiskers.

Giving gifts may seem like a routine obligation at times, but it doesn’t have to be. You can opt for fun presents by exploring different methods of customization. However, what’s most important is to always keep in mind that when you give gifts, the main goal is to put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient.

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