Every workplace consists of people from different backgrounds and cultures. Sometimes, communication issues between employees affect their productivity. These issues mostly boil down to personality differences.

Company-led team building activities can help boost the morale of employees and reduce conflict of personality styles. With this, each employee will be able to understand their co-workers better and learn about personality temperaments so that they can adapt and open communication lines with each other.

A successful team building activity is best done away from the workplace. It is a chance for the employees to wind down and socialise with co-workers that they often see but never converse with. Ideally, team buildings are conducted in a private event space in Singapore.

Activities and exercises can be a mix of simple children’s games and more complex problem-solving challenges. In most cases, the activities require large outdoor areas with props to challenge teams, both physically and mentally. A qualified and experienced facilitator can organise, monitor and evaluate the activities to achieve the company’s goal of creating a diverse yet effective team of workers.

Here are some activities that can be implemented during a company team building event.

The Minefield

This is a simple team building exercise designed to build better communication skills and trust among employees. This activity does not require special equipment and can be performed indoors or outdoors. A minefield can be an array of objects, from balls and plastic cups to shoes. The players are paired; the facilitator can draw the names to ensure diversity.

The idea of the game is to have one member blindfolded and then the other one will guide him as he navigates the minefield. Before starting the trip, the pair must be allowed to work out their communication methods. Going back, they have to switch places, so they will both experience being the navigator and the blindfolded member.

The Group Juggle

employees discussing ideas

This exercise involves member cooperation and problem-solving abilities. The teams should consist of six to eight members depending on the time and needs of the facilitator. Let each team form a circle and introduce a ball. This ball must be tossed to every person in the circle, but no one should handle it twice.

Allow them to practice and time their efforts. After the task, they will be informed on how long it took them to complete the exercise and then they can be challenged to do this faster. The team can be given a few minutes to communicate and strategize. After this attempt, the team may be challenged to do it faster once more and asked how fast they can deliver. The group is given a chance to solve a problem and predict how fast they can accomplish a task.

Companies and organisations should invest in these kinds of activities to boost employee morale, engagement and productivity. These activities may be simple, but they create a well-oiled machine once the employees go back to the workplace. Personality differences are addressed, and everyone learns to respect and listen to one another. Additionally, employees feel valued in the organisation and become more productive members of the team.

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