Silver wedding ring setConsumers love taking shortcuts on almost everything that they do, especially when shopping for products online. They want to see immediately if the product they are eyeing is worth it or not. Of course, hiring professional jewelry photo editing services from companies like PaperBoat Creative can do the job of promoting your products well. But it’s best that you also understand how it works behind the lens. So, here are a few product photography tips for beginners.

Take photos in a smaller room

You can control the lighting if you do it in a smaller room. One suggestion is to do it in a light tent. Using one softens and diffuses the light, which helps provide more consistent results.

Keep things clean

You must ensure that the jewelry is free of any dirt, dust, smudges, or even fingerprints. You must ensure that there’s not a stray bit of anything when you’re shooting close to the product. You can try using a lint-free microfiber and then use a blast of air to clean it up.

Do a few lifestyle shots

Another way to take product photos is to show that the item is in use. Try showing the fit of the product to give shoppers an idea of what it looks like when worn. This kind of shot is perfect for watches, clothing, and jewelry.

Learn to position everything

You must learn how to position everything, especially the lights. Using two lights can help you create more dimensions and can affect the placement of shadows to create the right shapes and curves.

Taking amazing photos is essential when selling jewelry online. It’s best to work with experts when it comes to product photography. Doing so can guarantee that you’ll get the best service that you need. Choose a company that has been around for several years, so you can ensure that they do know what they are doing.

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