A quick survey will show that more Americans are preferring the old-school family vacation of road trips rather than hauling everyone to the airport. Families find that road trips allow for more bonding time and it is also a cheaper alternative to buying airline tickets. You can put that money into gassing up your van and renting a room along the famous Route 66.

Space is the most important consideration you’ll make for a road trip. If your car is too small for the whole family and your things, you can rent a Sprinter van in Salt Lake City, so everyone can be more comfortable and have more space to move.

The luxury of personal time is important for the success of any road trip. Even the closest of families and friends can butt heads when they are cooped in a space for too long. Here are some other tips that can help you survive and enjoy a road trip with the whole family:

Have Plenty of Breaks

You might think that it’s a waste of time to go on extended breaks because you can cover a lot of miles with an hour worth of break just to go to the loo or have a light snack. The truth is, this might be the one reason your trip will succeed. Taking breaks is necessary to ease off the tension of getting back pains and leg cramps while sitting in a van or car for too long. It will also allow the members of the group to do some light exercises such as calisthenics or a game of hide-and-seek for the little ones. After the break, your family should feel a lot better.

Bring the Entertainment

Get yourself ready for some classic road trip games. Some games you might enjoy are I Spy, Road Trip Bingo, Tic Tac Toe, License Plate Game, Connect The Dots, 20 Questions, and I’m Going on a Picnic. If these don’t bode well for the kids, you can always extend their screen time and allow them an hour of nonstop video games or YouTube. That will give you that much needed time to just relax and focus on the road. Also, don’t forget to bring books, stuffed toys, and music with you. Make a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and make sure the songs are downloaded (because the songs won’t play when you lose satellite signal).

Pack Plenty of Healthy Snacks

Be careful about packing snacks that are high in sugar. You don’t want your kids to go all hyper on you. Pack healthy snack options that the kids will love. Make sure the snacks and the drinks are all in individual portions, too, so no one needs to fight for the right to hold the bag of chips. Not only will packing snacks lessen the need to stop, but it will also cut down on the cost of having to spend on buying overpriced snacks from convenience stores.

Include Nap Time in the Schedule

Driver sleeping in car

Your kids will go drowsy during the road trip. They’ll have to take naps, so why not make it comfortable by bringing travel pillows with you? Sleep is essential for the wellbeing of everyone in the car. The driver can take a nap as well after you have taken yours. Take over the wheel for an hour as the rest will do the main driver good. Naps use a large amount of time that will allow you to simply enjoy the car ride and the scenery.

These tips should keep peace while on a road trip. It will help everyone enjoy the trip, too. So, remove your fear of going on a road trip with your family and do this classic bonding activity, which everyone will remember until they are old.

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