Engineers working on the blueprintEmployers in the UK have offered higher salaries to attract qualified candidates, as job vacancies have increased in every sector, particularly for full-time engineering workers.

A specialist engineering recruitment agency like Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd could be a good solution for companies that find it harder to fill jobs despite offering a bigger compensation package. The shortage in engineering workers could likewise be narrowed if more women pursue a career in the field.

Waning Interest

KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s survey showed that Brexit may have triggered the fast-rising pace of salaries since 2015. However, that seemed to be ineffective in luring more professionals from EU countries due to the unavailability of more workers between February and October 2018.

Many EU workers avoided the country not only because of losing their rights to work, but also due to the falling value of pound since the referendum. The survey gathered feedback from 400 companies and recruitment agencies, and some of the respondents even said they have noticed the worst time to hire staff over the last 20 years.

Female Engineers

As UK embarks on leaving the EU, the country should look into providing opportunities for women to become engineers. Infrastructure, manufacturing and other industries will need to remain competitive post-Brexit, and the current shortage of workers means diversity may help solve the problem.

In fact, more female engineers would improve the country’s states in terms of diversity. In 2017, women only comprised 15.1 per cent of engineering graduates, which was the lowest rate in Europe. The Women’s Engineering Society believes that most women’s perception of engineering involves a non-creative role and this has affected their interest in taking on an engineering job.

Companies in every industry should know that higher salaries may not be enough to lure more candidates. Staffing agencies could help, especially those that specialise in hiring workers for a certain field.

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