If you’re living an area that experiences winter or is cold throughout the year, then you know the struggle to keep your house warm and comfortable. The traditional methods of house heating such as burning wood in fireplaces, or using coal or oil can sometimes be expensive and are harmful to the environment. Luckily, with advancements in home heating technology, there are “greener” ways for you to stay warm by using alternative sustainable and eco-friendly methods.

Most people would assume that going green wouldn’t be as efficient, or would be a lot costlier, but these eco-friendly home heating system can keep your house warm without burning a hole through your wallet:

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal systems use pipes that are installed below ground and absorbs and transfers geothermal heat from the ground and into your home using steam travelling through the heating system (similar to how a radiator works). In the summer, this system can be tweaked to do the reverse, and absorb unwanted heat from your home to cool it down during the hotter days of the year.

Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps or ASHP is a space-efficient heating system that uses an outdoor heat exchanger coil that extracts heat from the outside (which works even if it’s snowing or raining), and an indoor heat exchanger coil that heats your home. Heat pump systems have become more and more popular, so it wouldn’t be difficult for you to find heat pump installation companies to assist you if you’d ever opt to choose this option. There’d be no need to burn any oil or wood, and it emits about four times more heat than a traditional electric heater, making it energy efficient and easier on your electrical bill.

Pellet Stove

As the name suggests, pellet stoves work by burning pellets to heat your home. Yes, we’ve mentioned that wood burning isn’t exactly eco-friendly as it uses wood and produces a lot of smoke that can damage the environment. However, the pellets used in pellet stoves are affordable and come from renewable sources like dried switchgrass, and recycled sawdust from lumber mills and other businesses that use wood. When burned, pellets don’t emit as much pollution as traditional wooden stoves. As a bonus, pellets aren’t as difficult to store or carry and don’t require chopping and stacking, unlike wooden stoves.

Solar Heating

solar water heating system

Solar heating is perhaps the cheapest and greenest home heating solution there is as it requires no additional inputs when installed; as long as the sun shines, you’d have renewable heating energy for your home. You’d only have to periodically check the solar heating system to make sure that the panels aren’t damaged by debris, ensure that there are no trees or other objects that obscure sunlight. Dust wouldn’t even be a problem as the rain can take care of that for you.


These alternative heating systems and options show that you don’t have to stay warm at the expense of the environment, and your electricity bills. There are many eco-friendly and also wallet-friendly heating systems out there to keep you warm throughout the year, so whichever option you choose to heat your home, make sure you get the right company to install it professionally, safely, and efficiently. Stay warm, stay green!

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