Advancing to a Reiki 2 course is a major accomplishment. However, several externalities or activities may hinder you from attaining the full benefits of the Reiki attunement process. Energy blockages are the most common hindrance that must be addressed before attempting to start the second level course.

Feelings of tiredness

When you feel sad, tired, listless, or lethargic, this may result in sudden depression or fatigue. The feelings are often crippling, leading sufferers to procrastinate or sleep more. This can occur gradually, or acutely and suddenly.

Clarifying and reaffirming your own personal intentions is one way to address this. You have to use affirmative words or mantras so you can be reminded of those intentions when feelings of listlessness set in, for instance.

Excessive worrying

If you concern yourself with mundane things, you may be trapped in a cycle of worry. The emotional stress is exacerbated by the feeling of loss of control of emotions. This may worsen with time, so you must take extra steps to curb the negative energy.

Uncontrollable anger

Do you become irritable for no apparent reason? Have you experienced engaging someone in conversation, only for it to escalate into an outburst? There is always a deeper root behind losing your temper because no reasonable person would lose emotional control even when angry. Immerse yourself to more positive thoughts if you find yourself experiencing any of these. Taking deep breaths and being silent for at least three minutes also calms the nerves.

Failing to forgive

Any resentment and bitterness that you may have held onto for so long may also hinder enlightenment. Harboring feelings of pain damage you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Regardless of how the other person may have wronged you, it is time to let go of all the negative feelings and thoughts. Teach yourself to expect less from other people around you. Know that often, you cannot control things. Letting go also has several benefits that you need to keep telling yourself.

Changes in appetite

You may not notice it, but changes in appetite are also a manifestation of negative energy. When you deprive yourself of food, you are also depriving yourself of overall health and wellbeing.

In some instances, the opposite is true–when experiencing excess negativity, some people tend to consume more food as the stress levels escalate. Don’t self-punish, which is also debilitating, because no one deserves such–especially not you. Protect yourself at all cost.

Excessive spending

Overspending with shopping

We know now that living an extravagant life is unnecessary, and also blocks positive energy from flowing freely. Unhealthy spending is a financial mistake that introduces concerns both for now and in the future. However, some people manage their stresses by spending more, until breaking free from this cycle becomes harder to do.

Distance yourself from those things or people that trigger you to spend unwisely. Do an inventory of your life, especially your blessings, to downplay the idea that you need more.

Receiving Reiki attunement

Clearing energy paths means making the flow stronger. Clearing blockages, therefore, allows you to experience Reiki and all the wonderful benefits of the attunement process.

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