A natural curly hair is a sight to behold. But maintaining it can be a challenge. Women with natural curls know how painful it is to have something tangled in their hair. And although using haircare products from Kerluxe and other premium brands can help you nourish your hair, knowing how to manage your hair properly is a must. So, here are a few tips to help you take care of your curls.

Use a conditioner

Curly hair tends to dry out much faster than straight hair. The oils produced by your scalp finds it challenging to reach the end of your scalp. Experts suggest keeping your hair moisturised with a conditioner designed for curly hair. Using this type of formula can help ensure that your hair gets the moisture and nourishment that it needs.

Use cold water

It is highly advisable to use cold water to wash your hair down. Although it is not the best hair washing experience, cold water can help you with managing your locks. It can help lock in moisture, reducing dryness and frizz and making your hair look shinier.

Do not overdo it

Since washing your hair strips your strands with natural oils, it is best not to overdo it. Excessive shampooing tends to open the cuticles, causing to dry out your hair even more. Shampoo your hair just twice a week. You can do various protective hairstyles if your hair starts to frizz. You should also concentrate on rubbing and cleansing your scalp with your fingertips.

Check the ingredients

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Choose products that have the right ingredients for your hair. Select products that are free from alcohol and sulphate. These ingredients tend to dry your hair out, causing it to be prone to damage.

Use microfiber towels

It is best to use microfiber towels or soft cotton t-shirts to dry your hair after taking a shower. Doing so will help you keep your curls intact and even avoid frizz. You can also plop your hair to keep the moisture in. All you need to do is to lay the microfiber towel or t-shirt flat. Then, flip your head over and place your curls in it. You can then grab the ends of the t-shirt or towel and start twisting it. Once you have secured your curls, you can then pull the twists back and clip them together. Wait for half an hour before removing it. This will help absorb any excess moisture and help keep your hair’s form.

Comb it properly

Use snag-free combs to brush your curly locks. Do not ever pull or rake your hair, as this will only damage your strands. You should also detangle your hair when it is wet. Never brush your hair since this will only destroy your curl pattern, creating a frizzy mess.

Properly maintaining your locks can help you keep your crowning glory’s look. Use hair products meant for your hair type so that you can properly manage it. It is best to check the ingredients, so you will know if it’s best for your hair type.

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