You may have heard so many talks and speeches during your time as part of a company that you find it easier and easier to smile and clap politely at the right time. This can be especially true when the speakers don’t have a convincing message or they have a good one but their delivery is not on par. But there are times when everything about the talk just tugs at your very soul, so what do you do then? How will you show your appreciation for the delivery of a message that will be forever etched onto your memory? Here are some ideas that might interest you.

Give a Symbol of Recognition

Motivational speakers, especially the popular ones, make it their job to inspire people in the area, no matter what the season. Because of this and the increasing number of companies and other groups that need a good message given right, they can get booked for around a hundred talks a year. Giving them their talent fee or honorarium is a requirement and not a favor for this amount of work. Giving them unique Phoenix souvenirs would be taken as a welcome gift. If you can customize them, then it will be even better. They always appreciate something to remember a successful event by.

Update on Their Impact

One of the goals of a motivational talk is to teach the audience something that they can apply to their work and lives. If you find that you’ve changed in some positive way because of their talk, then it is only good to let them know about it. You can leave them a review on their website, or send them an email telling them about their impact on your life. There is nothing more heartwarming for an instructor, teacher, guide, or speaker than to learn that they have made a difference in someone because of what they did.

Ask Questions

woman raising a hand to ask question during then speech

You might think that speakers won’t want to entertain questions from the audience, but the opposite is true. Giving well-thought and interesting inquiries based on their talk is a sign for them that the audience is invested in what they have to say. Upon learning that, they would be interested in providing you with more information that you could use. It doesn’t matter what kind of related topics you’re interested in or what kind of questions you ask. They will appreciate it. Also, like the previous suggestion, this will also let them know that they have made an impact on several aspects of your life.

Talking to a large audience can be viewed as easy by many speakers, but inspiring people can be a lot harder than they first thought. They will know if they have spoken well, but how would they know if they have done their job to motivate them? The responsibility of letting them know now falls on you and the rest of the audience. Your feedback and appreciation will do wonders for their motivation and confidence in what they do.

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