Motors are are an integral part of the modern world. They are vital and practical tools that are widely used in industries. They can be found installed in your air-conditioning unit, electric equipment, and other everyday home appliances. But when one stops to work or it malfunctions, you may not know if it needs a motor rewinding shop for repair or it is time to get a replacement.

A team of motor experts reveals that the proper checkup and diagnosis of your motor problem is the key to finding the right and best solution. Here are some of the leading signs to watch out for to know if your motor needs rewinding or not:

Physical and Apparent Signs

Initially, you must check the motor for any broken parts, depleted metals, or any signs of corrosion. When the motor becomes corroded, chances are that you will see some oil, water, rust, or grease on it. If this is the case, try to take the motor from its cradle and check further to determine whether or not it will move and rotate by hand. When the motor refuses to rotate, it is highly a mechanical problem. Corrosion is a big problem with motors. Motors generate magnetic fields from long wires wound around them. These are usually high-quality copper wires. When these corrode, their magnetic qualities also deteriorate, reducing the efficiency of the motor.

Inspect for Resistance Measures

The next thing that you have to do after you have checked the motor for any apparent and physical signs of deterioration is to measure the motor’s overall winding resistance. Measuring the motor’s total winding resistance will reveal and let you know whether or not there are any short circuit coils around it. Check and record the reading and compare it with the regular resistance. This can be easily found on the product manual or in the package labeling. If your measurement does not reveal any consistent results when compared to those of the manufacturer’s technical specifications, then it is a clear indication that you will need motor rewinding.

Check for Insulation Resistance of the Motor

You can always check and assess the insulation resistance of your motor. Doing this will help you understand the real status of your motor. The condition of the motor is best assessed by its insulation resistance. For many models, the reading by standard should be over 2M in ohms. Nevertheless, if it is below said value, it is very likely that your insulation has started to fail or deteriorate. This occurs due to damage, excessive vibrations, or age.

For those who need help rewinding their electric motors or need replacement motors for business or home use, you must check with a competent motor rewinding shop. An efficient and reliable motor rewinding shop can competently fix problems related to your motor and get it running up in no time at all. They can even repair it in the comfort of your home if it cannot be transported to their service center.

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