Single- and double-hung windows have their own benefits and disadvantages for apartment dwellers. If you live in Ontario, single-hung windows are a better option for people with a limited budget.

You should consider double-hung windows if you have children or pets for safety reasons. A double-hung window also increases security because of its heavy, double-lock feature. Some residents also choose to buy double-hung windows in Sudbury, Ontario, because of a wider selection for colors, frames and styles.

Why Choose Single-Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows are more affordable because of fewer moveable parts. You can use single- or double-hung windows for aluminum, vinyl and wooden frames, but the single-hung type does not require a high-quality frame. The fixed sash on a single-hung window endures less damage due to normal wear and tear. Hence, you can choose to spend on an inexpensive frame.

DIY installation or replacement also becomes easier and simpler when you choose a single-hung window. Double-hung windows are heavier and contain more complicated moving parts. In terms of energy efficiency, you can control airflow with the fixed sash yet take note that you can only open the bottom part. The airtight sash, however, helps with proper insulation. You can increase energy efficiency by installing double panes for single-hung windows.

Pros and Cons of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows provide better natural ventilation for cooling your apartment, and it is easier to clean than a single-hung type. Bathrooms and kitchens are places with lots of moisture so those are good places to install a double-hung window and prevent humidity-related problems. Homeowners with children or pets choose this window type to keep them from falling outside, while still having a well-ventilated room at the same time.

You can simply open the top sash and keep the bottom one always in place. Install double-hung windows in a high part of the wall to prevent your pet or child from easily climbing over it. When it comes to maintenance, you should check the frames and sashes for any signs of damage more frequently than single-hung windows. The presence of more moveable parts in a double-hung window increases the chance of being broken.

duplex house with double hung windows

Other Window Styles

If you are looking for a more contemporary style, casement windows are a better option than double-hung windows. You can direct more cold drafts into your apartment with a casement window because of its structure, which also has a tight seal for better insulation when necessary.

Sliding windows are another option. The simple design with no cranks and other complex mechanisms also improves durability. However, you should expect to clean them more often because the tracks can easily trap dirt and debris. A sliding window has a flexible seal that can affect indoor insulation and energy efficiency.


A single-hung window allows you to control your upfront and long-term expenses. Double-hung windows may offer more security only with proper installation. Whichever you choose, you can prolong a new window’s lifespan by hiring a professional for installation. Consult at least three different home-remodeling companies when you need to compare prices.

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