Target your customers sign on a chalkHaving a business in a hectic city is both challenging and exciting, to say the least. With all the other potential competitors around, you want to have an edge against them and just be overall successful. Of course, a successful business will not be running in the first place if you don’t have customers.

Whether you’re a large organization like MPFP or a corner shop like Domonique Ansel Bakery, understanding what attracts customers is the key to your survival and success. Sometimes it’s the little things, too, that people purposefully “forget.”

First Impressions Last

The first thing to do is to look at your store or office front. The first impression potential customers will get about your business is how you present it to the public. Getting a bad first impression will cloud anyone’s judgment in the midst of doing something else. A poor presentation might even distract your customer toward a competitor.

Being in a city, tall, unattractive buildings will dwarf your presence, so if you have the space, do something appealing with your store or office’s immediate surroundings. In cities like New York, landscape architects can do a lot to improve the overall look of your place.

Another important point that customers notice is proper hygiene. Even if you don’t deal with food or health, periodical cleaning must still be a standard practice. Your office should be tidy and should make your clients comfortable.

Keeping the First Impression Last

Of course, now that you have attracted customers, it is good practice to learn how to keep them. You can give customers a complimentary gift before they leave. Or you may regularly send out greetings on holidays or birthdays through e-mail. Try to give loyalty rewards that are irresistible and useful to frequent customers.

If you happen to make a not-so-good impression, reevaluate why you failed to engage your customer. This will help you discover the services they need.

There are many ways to attract your customers to your business and keep them there; you only need to be resourceful and be creative from that foundation.

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