A solution to those dental fears

It is estimated that over a whopping 60% of adults are afraid of the dentist, so it will be heartening to know for those that suffer from this that steps have been made over the past years to understand and respect the feelings of patients who have this common fear, or even for the more extreme dental phobia.

There are so many factors that can contribute to a person not wishing to visit the dentist. Each patient is different and will need to overcome their fears in their own way and at their own pace.

However technology and modern day knowledge and understanding of this fearful trend now plays a part in a patient’s overall experience and there are many steps that can be taken to improve the quality and reduce the reasons behind fear of visiting the dentist.

Thankfully, great dental practices have put together information and courses designed to help patients through their fears and with the availability of sedation dentistry in Edinburgh, it can give those patients the option to get the necessary work that needs to be done without having to experience the procedure first hand.

What are some of the reasons why a person would be afraid of the dentist?

woman's tooth being extracted

It is understandably quite normal to be afraid of the dentist to some degree, whether it be the fear of potential pain, the smell of chemicals or the ominous sound of a drill that we have come to associate with dentist visits.

There is also the factor of embarrassment of the appearance of teeth or the health of a mouth and this may be the reason why so many people carry on through life with debilitating issues, which may lead to significant health risks later on in life.

Dreading the dental bill is also a factor that needs to be considered as to why people avoid the dentist, but once people understand that oral health is an important part of their overall wellbeing, the cost should be likened to the necessity for regular doctor checkups or even servicing their cars.

What are some options to help an individual to overcome their fears?

There is plenty of information available in the form of short e-courses, nervous patient programmes and of course, the option to ‘go under’, as to not have to experience the procedure at all.

After an initial consultation where a dentist will inform the patient of what needs to happen in order for them to obtain their picture perfect smile and healthy mouth, a pre-sedation check and an informal talk about the patient’s options will commence.
An easy and effective way to remove the fear of pain, this option is a remarkable choice for those who are struggling to come to terms with braving the dentist in order to get necessary work done.

It is great to see modern day dental practises choosing to respect their patients and all of their choices by trying to bring about as many ways as possible to help each patient achieve their dream smile.

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