Hair loss is among the leading causes of stress among both men and women.  Hair loss comes about due to different reasons such as baldness genes, poor hair care routine, aging, among other reasons. Individuals suffering from hair loss opt to look for treatment solutions to address the issue.

Scalp micropigmentation is an effective treatment method for hair loss problems that practitioners with the necessary training offer. It is advisable that one undergoes consultation before getting the procedure. The consultation process is usually to determine the extent of hair loss in a person, how scalp micropigmentation will address the issue. It is also common for people to go for consultation to have a deeper understanding of this procedure and how it works to solve hair loss issues.

A frequently asked question during scalp micropigmentation consultation is the overall cost of the procedure. This question often arises from individuals who want to have the procedure and are wondering where or not they can afford the procedure. The truth is that it is hard for you to get a general quote for the procedure. That is because this treatment depends on multiple factors, and thus, the cost varies on a few factors, which include:


Although the standard procedure for micropigmentation is the same around the world, the prices vary from one region to another. The variance in price arises due to the availability of the necessary resources for treatment. A general overview of how a location affects the cost of the procedure would be getting this procedure in large cities is more expensive compared to getting the procedure in a small town.

Customer Requirements

Besides getting the entire procedure which aims at restoring hair loss, some individuals may have special requests during the consultation. For instance, individuals with scars on the head may want to have the scars hidden during treatment. The special services are not in the treatment procedure and will have the practitioner go the extra mile to give you the desired results. And for that reason, such a procedure will be more expensive than the general procedure.

doctor touching a man's bald head

The Practitioner’s Experience

Are you familiar with the phrase that when paying for a service, one gets what they pay for? The meaning of that phrase is that the experience of a practitioner plays a huge role in determining the cost of the procedure. Expert scalp micropigmentation practitioners charge slightly more than the practitioners who are beginning their practice. The implication of the high cost is due to the expertise that the practitioner has gained over time he or she has been administering the treatment.

The Extent of Hair Loss

If an individual is suffering from hair loss in a large area in their head, it will take more time to administer the treatment. Thus, you will notice that the quote will be higher than for that individual who is suffering from hair loss in a small section of the head. Areas on the head such as near the hairline or at the back also require keen detailing and may hike the sots of treatment.

Hair loss in either small parts on the head or on the entire head can affect the self-confidence in a person. Therefore, if you are suffering from hair loss issues, consider getting scalp micropigmentation from experts who have undertaken the right training. You will notice that the cost of getting scalp micropigmentation is relatively lower compared to other hair loss treatment options such as surgery. Although scalp micropigmentation is cost-effective, it offers excellent results compared to other treatment options.

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