Air compressors definitely are not cheap, which is why you would want to make sure that you will be making the most out of it. Compressors that are not well-maintained and taken care of usually break or malfunction in just a few years or even months, so you would want to see to it that you will be using it by the book.

Here, we will discuss the things that you should do to make sure that you will extend your Gardner Denver air compressor‘s lifespan.

Read the Manual

This might be a given, but many people do not read the user’s manual when it comes to their tools and appliances. Not reading it is a huge mistake, as you will find everything that you need in the manual: how to operate it, how to clean it, and how to keep it properly maintained. You will also see how often you should have it maintained by a professional and when you should have a professional take a good look into it.

Have the Intake Vents Cleaned Out

If your intake vents are often dirty, then chances are your compressor would have to work harder, causing it to build too much pressure. Have your intake vents cleaned out regularly, especially if your environment is dirty and you often experience a buildup of dust and dirt within your immediate surroundings.

Pay Attention to your Separator Element

Every separator element needs to be replaced every 2,000 to 8,000 hours of use. This will depend on the model and make of your compressor, which is why it would be wiser to have a professional take a look at it instead. This is to make sure that your compressor will not use too much oil, as excessive oil usage will cause your energy costs to rise dramatically.

Check the Tightness and Oil Levels

checking the air compressor

It is a must to check the tightness of the screws, nuts, and bolts of the compressor. You would not want these things to go loose, as even just one bolt getting loose can cause the whole compressor to act up. Check it every once in a while to see if everything is tight and in their proper places. In addition, you should also check the oil levels every single day to make sure that your air compressor would not get damaged. If your air compressor uses oil and you do not use an ample amount, then this can easily damage your compressor, leading to hefty repair costs.

Drain the Contaminants

The receiver usually collects a lot of contaminants and moisture from the air that it is compressing. You should make sure that the tank is regularly emptied to prevent water build-up in the system. You should also make sure that the separators and filters are free from contaminants such as oil and dirt.

Remember: Always have your air compressor serviced by a professional every once in a while. This will prevent your compressor from getting damaged and will extend its lifespan.

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