Various elements will affect the way you look even after spending ages on perfect makeup and picking the right clothes for the occasion. The primary one among these elements is the jewelry you choose. Over the years, several rules have been introduced on what you should and should not do when picking your jewelry. You, of course, will have jewelry for different body areas.

One jewelry rule you should always break is that you should not mix metals. People assume that gold anklets for women, for instance, should only be matched with gold earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces to create a coordinated look. If you had some bits to work with, however, you can create a perfect and unique look by mixing the metals of your jewelry pieces. The following rules will guide you in making the right choices.

Exclude Your Wedding Ring

People think that wedding rings are accessories. These are nonetheless lifetime statement pieces. You thus should not let your choice of jewelry revolve around the wedding band’s metal. You can, however, opt for different metals for the wedding band and engagement ring so that your lifetime statement piece stands out on its own.

Opt for a Maximum of Three Metals of Different Colors

Even though you are breaking fashion rules, going over the top might leave you looking like a clown. The best choice is to keep the color variations of your jewelry to two, but you can go up to three without looking like you are trying too hard. You can, for example, opt to mix gold, silver, and gunmetal for your outfit.

woman showing off her necklace

Create a Layered Look

Stacking your jewelry pieces means mixing the metals in one place to make the specific body part stand out. Make your stacking look intentional rather than like someone who wants to wear all their pieces together on the same day. Start by picking your statement piece then add a pile piece in a contrasting color. You can, for instance, wear a gold statement necklace then layer it with a subtle silver chain.

Wear Metals of Similar Textures Together

Jewelry pieces have different finish options. One of the common methods of finishing is adding some texture on the metals’ surfaces to generate visual interest or a pattern. When combining different jewelry metals for your outfit, wear those with a similar texture together to create some coordination and beautiful contrast.

Ignore the Hardware

Most people will also aim to match the metals for their jewelry to their clothing accessories and hardware. Belt buckles, zipper, and buttons will hardly ever match your jewelry without looking ridiculous. Ignore the metals on your clothing and handbag and only focus on that for your jewelry to avoid coming off as absurd.

In jewelry coordinating just like in most of life’s aspects, some rules are only made to be broken. Mixing of jewelry metals is the latest fad, and it is easy to let other people try it first and see how it goes. You should, however, experiment under the guidance of the above rules to know what works for you. Be the trendsetter rather than the follower in the jewelry world.

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