Tinted windows are a common sight in skyscrapers, commercial establishments, cars, and even houses. Not many people may know that window filming is more than just decorative sun protectors.

commercial window film provides privacy and safety to businesses, as well as reduced energy costs. Without too much heat and sunlight penetrating the glass, temperatures can be more controlled, and air conditioners will perform better.

Apart from those, window films have a lot of benefits to homes, offices, and businesses. Because those are the places where people stay on a regular basis, having window films installed protects occupants from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, which causes premature aging, skin discoloration, and other allergies and diseases.

Neglecting the need for window films may put your properties and occupants in a greater risk of the following:

1. Eye and Skin Diseases

Aside from sunburn and early aging, constant exposure to harmful UV rays may cause more serious diseases, such as skin cancer and growths. Eyelid cancer is one of the skin cancers caused by sun exposure. The carcinomas associated with this disease can spread quickly and may cause facial deformation in time. Benign masses may also develop in the eye from UV exposure, as well as corneal sunburn.

Even though the skin’s epidermis blocks UV rays, excessive exposure to it potentially leads to precancerous growths, carcinomas, and malignant melanoma. Staying indoors does not completely protect people’s skin from the sun, because UV rays penetrate glass. Without the protection of a window film, people are still at risk.

2. Furniture Sun Damage

Like our skin, furniture should also be protected from the sunlight. UV rays cause discoloration and fading of wooden furniture. It alters or damages wood component called lignin, which is responsible for the hardening and strengthening of the wood’s cell walls. Colorants contained in paints may protect wooden furniture from the sun, but eventually, without solar window films to repel the harmful effects of sunlight, enough UV rays may still penetrate these colorants and damage the wood beneath.

3. Safety Issues

Window films are more than just tinted layers that offer protection against sunlight. The tints offer privacy as well, protecting home and building inhabitants from unwanted attention. Apart from that, window films have safety features that homes, offices, and businesses need.

For retail stores and homes, window films minimize the chances of smash-and-grab theft. Tinted glass windows could lessen the temptation of thieves to steal from a store or a home because they couldn’t see the interiors from the outside. Window films are also made of highly adhesive and elastic material, making glass windows harder to smash, and in case they do, the film will hold the shattered pieces together, preventing it from spreading in areas where it may injure occupants.

Bad weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons risk damaging glass windows. The strong winds may shatter glass from high-rise buildings, homes, and other establishments. Aside from a damaged window, debris from other structures may be hurtled by the high-speed winds, potentially reaching the property and breaking through the glass. With window films, glass windows are at minimal risks from damage by natural disasters.

It is important to be aware of the risks of neglecting the need for window films. The safety of employees, home occupants, storekeepers, and merchandise should not be taken lightly. Giving your home and workplace the best protection may just come in the form of a window film.

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