What is your favourite colour? Is it featured prominently at home? What accents do you use opposite it?

For many homeowners, there is a fight between their favourite colour and the trendy colour determined by the market. On one hand, you want to be stylish, and on the other, you want your personality to show. What happens when the colours you want to feature do not seem to go together?

Here is an idea: Go with combinations you can add to without making a chaotic home design. Use these colours with your favourite or preferred trendy shade: 


The idea of having 10 shades of grey might not sound appealing if you do not have a picture of how it will look. Know that grey is a flexible colour, and it can have different undertones. Even if you choose three shades of grey, if they are of different intensities, they will not make for dull home design.

The best part is you can then choose your favourite colour for little details around the house, such as on throw pillows and curtains. Trendy footstools online or bar stools from your local antique shop can be more noticeable no matter their colour, thanks to the neutral background you have chosen.

Tan and Beige

tan and beige colours

The house of your dreams has the perfect balance between looking clean and looking fun. You want it to command respect but you also want guests to see that you put effort into making everything look good.

Anything in the tan and beige colour spectrum will be the perfect background for other colours to shine. Tan in itself gives that serious look, making it a great choice if you want to achieve big things. Beige brightens up the room without giving it a clinical look that true white walls will give off. Beige can also work with darker colours to give a beautiful contrast to each design element. They are neutral enough to make your favourite colours pop but even on their own, tan and beige can be powerful.


You have probably read several articles saying black could make rooms look smaller, and so you have decided to stay away from this colour. That means you are running away from the sleek and chic look of black details around the house. Black tiles for the bathroom give off a sophisticated look.

Combined with the bold colour of your choice, the result will be distinct and truly you. Different textures also show the versatility of black. Matte finishes give your house a modern look while glossy finishes make surfaces look more elegant. Pair it with the colour of the year and voila! Your home is suddenly upscale chic.


Millennial pink counters have had their time in the limelight. A colour that used to be associated with older people has turned into millennials' defining shade.

If you want the same stylish look without the age or generation associated with it, choose salmon. This colour can give your house a refreshed look without the fear of it going out of style once millennials have decided they want something else. Salmon is also versatile. It works with neutrals such as browns and navy blue, but it can also be combined with more intense blues and greens.

Good home design should not be so temporary. When designing your home, let yourself have some fun with colours and try combinations that will not become boring after a while.

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