Colorful trash bins for proper disposalPeople generate hundreds of millions of tonnes of garbage at any given time. This is why in this day and age, several burning issues of the day involve rubbish and its effects on the environment.

Many are now becoming more aware of the adverse effects of improper waste removal, a service provided by firms such as LKM. Some 34.3% of the rubbish people make is now being recycled. Should waste be not properly disposed and removed, the consequences are detrimental.

Here are the reasons why you should dispose of your waste properly:

It Affects your Health

Improper garbage disposal affects your health directly and indirectly. For instance, a pile of garbage in your front yard can be home to rats and cockroaches that can bring carry diseases in your home. This will also contaminate the water system, especially the ground water.

It Contaminates the Soil

Apart from affecting your health, waste can contaminate the ground when not properly managed. Plastic bottles, when broken down, releases DEHA, a carcinogen that causes reproductive, liver and weight problems.

DEHA can contaminate the ground and affect plants, animals, and bodies of water. Thus, proper waste removal is necessary to avoid this contamination.

It Pollutes the Air

People should label waste products such as bleach, acids, and oils and throw them properly. As people incinerate most of the waste products, the chemicals contaminate the air. The possibility of inhaling toxic chemicals like dioxin and methane gases can also be a public health risk.

Also, the presence of numerous greenhouse gases can destroy the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

It Affects the Animals

Dumping on sewage system threatens the marine life and other wildlife surrounding it, affecting the habitat of fish and corals underwater. Worse, waste contamination affects human consumption.

Whether at home or in a business ensuring that waste removal is important. It preserves the health of the people, the environment, and the animals.

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