Man selling his houseYour house may be in perfect condition, but you just can’t see yourself living in it anymore. Perhaps it’s riddled with bad memories due to loss or divorce. You and your ex-spouse may have agreed to sell the house and split the profit instead of arguing over who gets to keep it. There are countless reasons to move out and onwards, but don’t abandon your house so readily.

To get maximum profits from selling the house, check these before putting it on the market:


An old Woodbridge house may have a plumbing system that could do with an update. You may think it’s not your concern anymore, as you won’t be living in the property, but letting the old plumbing go unchecked will drop the price of the house considerably.

As buyers have the house checked by an independent inspector, they’ll see the problem and may offer a lower bid than your selling price. Rather than miss out on the profit, invest in plumbing replacement so you can add that to the pros of buying your house.


electrician fixing the socketsAnother thing that degrades over time is the integrity of electric circuits at home. You may not have experienced electrical problems yourself, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This will impact the insurance premium on the house.

If buyers can move in without worrying about repairs or circuit overload, they’ll be willing to pay more on the property. This is even more important if the house is over a decade old and if you live in a part of Woodbridge that’s prone to flooding due to severe weather conditions.

Foundation Integrity

No house can stand up in the face of natural calamities if it has a weak foundation. You may think the house you built yourself has served you well and is therefore secure, but it might be one hurricane away from toppling over.

A quick inspection of the house can already reveal how prone it is to damage. If there are visible cracks that you’ve noticed to be getting worse, perhaps it’s better to sell the house for rebuilding purposes. You may also sell it as is, but you can’t expect a good profit from that.

Another suggestion is to do the rebuilding yourself, but this time, with help from professionals. Selling a newly built house means you can offer new equipment and utilities with it, which will make it desirable for those wanting a house no one has inhabited before.

Presence of Chemicals or Molds

Your beloved home needs to be habitable for a buyer to put down an offer. Unless they’re planning to demolish the house, they hope to live in it with minor improvements. They can’t do that if there’s the presence of black mold, asbestos, radon, or other harmful substances in the house.

You may not notice these things. Black mold, for instance, thrives in dark and damp environments. Chemicals, of course, are invisible to the naked eye. Have the house inspected to know what needs to be done before you can offer it for sale on good faith.

It may be filled with bad memories but you can still do your part in improving the house before selling it. This won’t erase the memories, but it will compensate you for all your troubles.