a veterinarian and a dogWhen it comes to the food and retail industry, it makes sense that they offer crazy discounts, especially during the holidays. More people are going out, eager to spend money for gifts or on themselves. These busy times don’t have that much of an impact for veterinary clinics, however. This means you can survive with few but cleverly chosen promotional products.

Here are some things to do to promote your clinic:


When thinking of veterinary promotional products, you need to choose something that’s not easy to throw away. They should be useful and handy, and there should be enough surface area to say the name of your veterinary clinic. An umbrella can be left in a client’s car for emergency situations, and every time they use it, they’ll thank your clinic for providing them with such a useful item.


During the Christmas season, postcards were flying everywhere. Families took time off to look pretty in their family shot, and some of them even included their pets. A postcard from your veterinary clinic could feature your furry friends. Thinking this won’t be useful because Christmas is over? There are a lot of upcoming holidays–as long as your photos do not have a strong Christmas theme, you can reuse them for any event.


What’s one thing that gets the most exposure when in use? Clothes. It would be too much to give away pairs of pants, but shirts, when ordered in bulk from a promotion supplier, can be a cost-effective way of advertising your veterinary clinic. Choose the colors and print wisely, because that will determine the price you have to pay for the entire order. The same printer can also provide canvas bags and other items for your marketing needs.

The way you promote your business should be effective in its industry. If you’re running a veterinary clinic, rather than flashy discount ads, these are what you need.

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